What is the value of your whisky?

What is your bottle of whisky worth?

Do you have a rare or collectable bottle of whisky? Have you ever wondered what your bottle of whisky is worth, or what price you could get for it if you chose to sell?

Explore our detailed guides to the value and history of individual bottles of single malt and blended whisky below, and read our handy guide to selling whisky online.

Please get in contact for a free valuation on your bottle using our online form. Alternatively, if you are looking for information on whisky casks, please sell our dedicated buy a cask and sell a cask sections.

The value of single malt whisky 

The market for whisky has increased dramatically over the past few years. 2018 and 2019 saw peaks in rare bottle prices, with the record for the most expensive bottle ever sold broken twice in 2018 then again in 2019.

There are a few things to look for when considering the value of your bottle:

  • The most sought after bottles are usually those from limited edition runs and those that were bottled before the year 2000.
  • There is a premium for bottles that were bottled before the 1990s.  These bottles can be identified by their size, as they will state their volume as being 75cl, 750ml or 26 2/3 fl ozs.
  • Macallan continues to be the most sought after single malt whisky brand but other distilleries such as Highland Park, Bowmore, Laphroaig, Ardbeg and Bruichladdich can be very valuable too.

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Single Malt Whisky Guides

Explore our detailed guides and introductions to some of the most popular and collectable bottles of single malt whisky.

Blended Whisky Guides

Explore our guides to some of the most popular bottles of blended whisky.

What to Look For

The six factors that affect the value of single malt whisky bottles

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Age of whisky

This refers to the number of years the whisky has spent maturing in the cask, not how long it has been in the bottle. The age is indicated on the label and can vary from 3 to well over 30 years old.

Most collectible bottles are over 10 years old and value usually increases with the age of the whisky. Whisky over 30 years old is the most sought after as it is the rarest.

Any whisky bottled at over 50 years old is highly desirable and a very limited number of distilleries have released whisky over 50 years old.

Macallan Whisky Worth

Bottling date

This relates to when the whisky was bottled. As bottles from a specific year are consumed, the remaining bottles become rarer, so even a ‘standard’ malt released in the 1980’s can become sought after.

If vintage is not stated bottle volume can be an indicator of bottling era. Bottles from the 1970s and earlier use fluid ounces (FL.OZ). In the 1980s standard bottles size was 75cl and in 1991 the standard size (in the EU) changed to 70cl. Note that standard bottle size is still 75cl in the USA, and other bottle sizes are occasionally used, in which case you will have to use other indicators.

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Distillation year

The distillation year might also be described as the bottle vintage, and refers to the specific year in which the whisky was distilled (made). It is one of the most important factors that can impact the price of your collectible whisky.

In general, the earlier the distillation year the more collectible your bottle of whisky. Bottles from the first half of the 20th century are highly valued by collectors and fetch a premium. That being said, the bottler is also important, and so two whiskies distilled in the same year, at the same distillery, but bottled by different bottlers will vary in value.

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Label & packaging

The label on a bottle of collectible whisky is very important and should be in pristine condition to fetch the highest value. If the label is damaged in any way, such as scratching, blemishing, pealing or mould, then this will have a negative impact on the value.

The box condition is almost as important as the label condition, and the correct box is very important to collectors. A bottle with a damaged or marked box will be worth less, and a bottle without its original box could be worth up to 30% less.

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The level of the whisky has a large impact on the value. On almost all bottles it should be well into the neck, a level in the lower half of the neck is worth less and levels into the shoulder will significantly impact the value.

Older bottles are more prone to a drop in level as the bottles were not intended for storage. A drop in level implicates the long term storage prospects for any collector but as alcohol is more volatile than water it is the alcohol that will evaporate first, which impacts the flavour.

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Single Cask Bottlings

Single cask bottlings are generally more sought after, as by default they are unique and usually of a significantly limited edition. Look out for numbers on your bottle like XXX/250, with the second number generally being less than 500, which would indicate a single cask edition.

Longer edition numbers such as XXX/5000 are often also collectible. These longer numbers usually indicate that the release is a vatting of a number of casks.

How we can help you sell your whisky

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Private Sale

Selling your bottle through our audience of private buyers can get a high price for you bottle and the convenience of a quick turn around on your sale. All we need is a good picture of your bottle stood up, ideally with the box if you have it and we can collect no obligation offers from our buyers for your consideration.

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Auction can be the most suitable route for some bottles offering a wide audience of buyers. There is more element of risk in selling at auction as you have less control over the original price and usually takes longer to complete than a private sale. It is also important to choose the right specialist auction for you bottle, and we can advise you on this. 

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Our online store launched in 2020 with an aim to bridge the gap between selling at auction and the prices you see at retail, helping you get more for your bottle. Selling via our online shop can achieve more than at auction or private sale but can take longer to complete, so requires the time to get your ideal price realised.

What is the value of your whisky?

In order to provide you with an accurate valuation please provide as much of the below information as you can.

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The Process of Selling Your Bottle

The process to get a no-obligation quote for your bottle of whisky is easy.

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Bottle Selling FAQ

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Mark Littler LTD can help collect and delivery your items with our fully insured service.
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Charles M.
10:52 20 Jan 21
During the last 12 months I have been actively making tentative enquiries to sell my whisky collection, which I had been collecting for more than 20... years. During this time I had been in discussions with various very well known whisky retailers online, with a view to them purchasing the bottles from me or finding prospective buyers. After many phone calls, emails and conversations, I was left feeling very frustrated and bewildered at their lack of communication in general and commitment to providing me with a service. That was until I discovered Mark Littler through an oline post that had been sent to me from a family member, which highlighted a high profile sale Mark had recently been engaged in. I decided to contact Mark the following day and within hours he had come straight back to me and offered to work with me to sell my collection. This was quite astonishing given the lack of communication that I had received from others. From the outset Mark has always been professional, courteous and friendly, which has made my own experience of using Mark's services an absolute pleasure. His individual care and approach to everything he undertakes on your behalf in providing you with a service is nothing short of exemplary. In no time at all Mark has already sold a much sought after vertical in my collection and I am delighted with the outcome. I would not hesitate in recommending Mark to anyone attempting to sell their own collection.read more
phill C.
20:19 19 Jan 21
I got in touch with Mark having read one of his articles online. I was thinking of investing in a cask and had an offer from a company that shall... remain nameless. At this point I thought I should seek independent advice. Mark's professional and informative approach to my questions was excellent. He basically saved me from making a huge potential mistake investing with a company that were not throwing straight dice and trying to pitch sales based on false information. I may add that at this point Mark was not pitching any sale to myself, merely offering good, genuine and free advice.I later had the opportunity to use Mark as a consultant to invest in my first Cask. I have found him to be very professional, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly.I feel lucky to have sounded out Mark as a broker and hope to be using him again in the future. I can not recommend him and his team highly enough for their help and time!read more
Pankaj K.
07:57 06 Jan 21
It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Mark. I was looking to buy a cask of whisky and spoke with numerous brokers. The response, transparency and... authenticity from Mark was the one that I liked the most. I highly recommend visiting Mark's website and the process outlined by him to own a whisky cask is the most exhaustive and helps you understand the nuances of owning the cask. I highly recommend Mark and will surely be buying through him again.read more
Dean R.
15:16 29 Dec 20
Recently, I made enquiries with Mark about buying a whisky cask.He very promptly answered all my questions and gave me all the information I needed... to make an informed decision.He was thoroughly professional and there was never any pressure to buy, just support and step-by-step instructions.I am very pleased with the outcome of my cask investment and I look forward to working with Mark again in the future.read more
Stephen F.
13:05 22 Dec 20
Mark was thoroughly professional and efficient in helping my family get a great deal in buying some whisky casks.We received a very friendly, quick... and personable service with regular updates throughout the process.Highly recommended and greatly appreciated!read more
Darroch W.
20:05 21 Dec 20
Great service from Mark, would recommend and would use again. Easy to contact for updates or advice and guidance throughout the process. Very helpful... at all times and the final result was exactly what I had hoped for.read more
Neil C.
15:53 20 Dec 20
Mark did exactly what he promised to do and achieved a good price for the whiskey cask which he sold for us. We were kept informed of what was going... on and the whole transaction was hassle free.read more
Nigel D.
09:28 20 Dec 20
Mark was true to his word when he advised how long the process would take with selling our Cask of Whisky and what we would expect to receive. He... has been very attentive and continued to provide feedback during the sale process and he managed to achieve an exceptional price for us. Thank you Mark, we will be sure to come back to you when we sell our next cask.read more
Karken C.
16:17 10 Dec 20
First rate service - achieved a good price for one bottle and coordinated a forwarding service to an auction house for the bottles they didn't... receive any offers for. Getting the bottles to them was quick and simple. Communication was quick and courteous. Highly recommendedread more
Mike T.
10:06 03 Dec 20
I am delighted to have engaged with Mark Littler and Hannah Thompson. They have provided a professional and trustworthy service that puts my best... interests at the heart of their business. The process of selling my whisky collection has been clear and remarkably easy and efficient.read more
Diana D.
14:58 21 Nov 20
Mark was an absolute pleasure to work with. Delighted to have discovered him during an internet search researching how best to sell two casks of 50... year old Scottish whiskey. He is professional, knowledgeable and quickly responded to my endless questions. It was a smooth transaction and am very pleased with the price he was able to secure. Highly recommend!read more
13:35 12 Nov 20
Fantastic service from Mark and the team selling some bottles of whisky on their store. Right from valuation through to sale and payment he kept me... informed. And he got a great price for me. Would definitely recommend.read more
Robin H.
10:04 01 Nov 20
I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Mark and his colleagues. From my first phone call to the completion of my sale the service was exemplary.... The sale of my whisky collection was made so easy, and a fast payment was made directly into my bank after the sale was completed.If you are looking to sell your whisky don't waste your time looking anywhere else. I can thoroughly recommend this company.Thank you Mark once again for a fantastic service.read more
Michael C.
14:17 24 Oct 20
Very pleased with Mark's ease of transaction in disposing of some antique silver cutlery. Have no hesitation in recommending his professional... services and advice.read more
Diane F.
11:18 19 Oct 20
Selling things for the first time, you are very apprehensive, about how to go about it?? But on the Phone Mark was very reassuring, and although Mark... was called away, we saw Hannah, and she really put us at ease, explained everything, and answered all our questions! The sale went through really smoothly, and Mark kept in contact all the way! Will highly recommend them to others!!....... Russ & Di Fylesread more
David C.
16:42 06 Oct 20
Have several casks of high end whisky, I decided to sell one of my investments. An internet search revealed Mark Littler. Only person to respond to... my email. Mark sold my first cask in weeks. New exactly what he was talking about and doing . The price was at the very high end of his valuation. He did all the work, I just signed the sales document. as easy as that. Money transferred into my account, and you are talking thousands too. Much appreciated, will now sell another cask as the time is right.read more
Robert C.
15:27 06 Oct 20
Really excellent service, from the valuation to the completion of a sale. Communication was excellent through out the process. I would highly... recommend Mark to anyone.read more
Geoff F.
22:34 25 Sep 20
Mark brokered the sale of a rare bottle of Irish whiskey on my behalf. He knows the market and had placed the item with a private buyer within days... of taking the brief. Very professional service throughout. Would certainly use in the future.read more
John M.
21:42 24 Sep 20
Mark Littler 's services can only be rated as Excellent.From Start to finish even in these most difficult times was outstanding. Sale of my Whisky... bottle was completed within 10 days and the money in my Account. First class.John Maguireread more
Matthew R.
08:43 23 Sep 20
I was looking to sell my whisky collection of 28 bottles of Macallan 18 year old to fund the purchase of my first house, so I got in touch with... Mark.My father gave me 1 bottle each year for a birthday present so that by the time that I was 18 I would have 18 bottles of 18 year old Macallan. (Yes I'm that guy who was plastered over the media)Mark did a great job of getting professional photos taken of them and creating a PR buzz around the collection and I even ended up on BBC breakfast news, lad bible, and various radio stations around the world.At one point my story was the second most viewed story on BBC world wide news app for the whole weekend with over 2 million views.Needless to say within a day or two of this PR Campaign there was numerous offers.I would like to thank Mark for all his work and helping me with everything.read more
Iona T.
07:14 16 Sep 20
Mark provided us with an excellent service for the sale of a cask of Springbank Whisky. He provides a professional, friendly and responsive service,... guiding you every step of the way. My mother was delighted with the result. I recommend his end to end service. Thank-you!read more
Alan P.
11:56 26 Aug 20
The experience of dealing with Mark and his staff could not have been better. Communication was clear and the process to sell my whiskey was... straightforward. I was happy with the price offered and less than 48 hours after sending the bottle in the post the money was I my current account. I will be dealing with Mark again in the future.read more
Mike M.
08:18 15 Jul 20
Great experience from the very friendly and knowledgeable Mark who was able to help me buy a cask, and made the process seamless even during the lock... down! Five star experience.read more
Ian B.
15:45 03 Jul 20
Mark recently helped to successfully sell my cask of Macallan single malt whisky.From our initial discussion I was impressed with the depth of his... knowledge and his professional approach. Mark guided me through each step of the process, providing reasons and insights to ensure I made the correct decisions. His estimate of the value of the cask was spot on.I would have no hesitation in using his professional services again.read more
Football F.
17:26 02 Jun 20
Mark was very helpful to me and my family , he is so knowledgeable about whisky, and with his valued advice I was able to sort out my children’s... investment easily with confidence. Thank you so much Mark for all your advice and help, I would strongly recommend Mark to anyone.read more
Tom W.
10:37 19 Apr 20
Mark and Hanna were a pleasure to deal with when selling my bottle of Macallan 25 y.o. whisky. Everything was handled smoothly, expertly and with no... pressure. The courier facility offered is excellent and the sale concluded very quickly and simply. In these days of increasingly doing business on the Internet this experience was top class and I have no hesitation in using Mark's company for similar future business; Top Class!!read more
Georgina S.
12:33 14 Apr 20
Brilliant service from start to finish, highly recommend Mark! Thank you so much for making the sale so easy for me and for providing such a personal... service. Thanks again, Georgina Russellread more
Dot P.
15:26 30 Mar 20
Be patient for great returns.When I came to sell my 10yr old Hogshead of whisky Mark was able to obtain a final price for me that was more than... three times the sell back figure to Bruichladdich.Professional from the start. Once Mark had the re-guage figures all I had to do was sit back and let him do the rest. Very efficient and hassel free.A pleasure to do business with and will definetly be contacting him again when my next barrel matures.Thankyou Mark for doing all the hard work.read more
Steve P.
19:37 26 Mar 20
Just over 10 years ago I visited the Bruichladdich distillery and bought a newly filled fresh bourbon barrel. Having allowed it to mature I needed to... decide what to do with it. Bruichladdich made an unattractive offer to buy it back.I became aware of Mark Littler, from a Google search. I contacted him based on the many positive reviews. After talking to him and learning of his experience of selling casks I commissioned him to sell my cask.Dealing with Mark has been a pleasure, he has guided me through the process and I have received over 3 times the offer from Bruichladdich.I have found Mark to be realistic and helpful and I recommend his services.read more
James G.
10:36 26 Mar 20
Mark was excellent from start to finish in dealing with our whiskey cask sale. I highly recommend his services and wouldn’t hesitate to use him... again. 5 Star!read more
Genny B.
17:33 18 Mar 20
Thank you so much Mark for your knowledge, help, support and finally arranging the sale of my silver flatware. With your expertise and knowledge of... the market, you found a buyer very quickly, keeping me in the loop all the time and the transaction went through very smoothly.From our first conversation to the conclusion of the sale, everything was handled very professionally. You provided all the packaging and return addresses and all I had to do was take the box to the post office. Simple!I could not be more delighted and would not hesitate to come back to you if need be, or to recommend you and the company very highly on every level.read more
Jacky S.
16:56 09 Mar 20
Mark sold two casks of whisky for me. He got a very good price for them and kept me informed through the rather slow process (which he had warned me... about). Very pleased with the service.read more
Andrew M.
17:04 04 Mar 20
Excellent professional service, Mark kept us well informed throughout and even obtained a higher price when it came to the sale. Would have no... hesitation in using again or recommending. Thank youread more
Caroline H.
13:03 03 Feb 20
Mark offers a brilliant, easy and efficient service. I have used this twice now and both occasions have been simple and fast. I wouldn’t hesitate to... recommend.read more
John P.
00:22 30 Jan 20
I sold my Bruichladdich hogshead cask through Mark and can highly recommend his services. Immediate follow-up and a very clear outlined agreement... while Mark managed to get a good price for the cask in a fairly short time period. I’m very pleased and would not hesitate to utilize his services again in the future.read more
Dave M.
19:54 20 Jan 20
I recently sold a 25 year old cask of Scottish whisky through Mark. The market is not easy to tap into but Mark has good connections and got me an... excellent price. He made the process very simple and completed all the necessary paperwork for me. Highly recommended!read more
jean G.
11:04 04 Jan 20
Thank you Mark for the professional help you provided In relation to Probate valuation, and the sale of the items. Your help and honest reliable... service, made a difficult time so much easier. I trust, and would highly recommend Mark Littler LTD.read more
Jackie L.
09:37 06 Dec 19
Mark has been extremely helpful and efficient selling a silver canteen of cutlery for me and made the whole process very easy . His professionalism... is without fault and he contacted me regularly to inform me of the progress of the sale. Thank you Mark for all your help and I would certainly use your services again .read more
Diana M.
16:12 02 Dec 19
I had a cask of 10 year old Bruichladdich to sell. Googled potential buyers. Some traders didn’t bother to reply, even though I had sent full... details.Mark was brilliant from the word go ... very professional and kept me well informed of progress. I ended up with over 50% more from him than my next best offer! Payment was very prompt.I would highly recommend Mark. Don’t waste time with the others ... they will just cause exasperation!!Thanks Mark . Pleasure doing business with you !read more
Pete A.
13:20 20 Nov 19
Mark is a true professional and I have no hesitation in recommending his services. We had a variety of items which we wished to dispose of - from a... fine Christofle canteen of cutlery, some 1980s Swiss watches, to some precious stones and even a bottle of House Of Commons Whisky signed by Margaret Thatcher. I was amazed by how easily Mark found buyers for all these items at (what I consider) excellent prices. He kept us well informed with progress throughout the valuations and sales processes. Mark is very knowledgeable in where to get the best prices for a variety of items. A five star service indeed.read more
Ro J.
14:01 11 Nov 19
Mark offers a very professional service at a very reasonable rate of commission. He is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. His service is first... class making the whole experience stress free. Highly recommend him.read more
andy H.
11:12 01 Nov 19
What an excellent communication and service was provided by Mark and his team. If only it was this easy when dealing with larger organisations. I... would recommend this company if you thinking of selling rare bottles of whiskey. I will be definitely be using their services and knowledge again.read more
Bob & Jan D.
10:07 16 Oct 19
I have to say Mark provided a first class service and achieved what I believe to be a highly competitive bid for my whisky. Delivery was... straightforward and settlement prompt. Will happily recommend.read more
David G.
14:51 14 Oct 19
Mark was helpful from start to finish during the sale process. Swift responses to my questions and delivered a smooth outcome. Would highly recommend.
Lorrie S.
16:09 24 Sep 19
At what could have been a very difficult time for our family, Mark was a superstar. He always had time for my questions and was instrumental in... helping me find new homes for our treasured possessions.read more
10:25 08 Sep 19
I was looking for an honest source to sell two valuable paintings. Mark was knowledgeable, informative and helpful assisting in both collection and... successful sale at a fair price. I highly recommend his professional service. Good communications and organisation,a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Mark.read more
R S.
12:17 02 Sep 19
Excellent services and communication! We are a group of Nordic guys, completely amateurs in the whisky market, who ended up with a cask 20 years ago... when we were still quite young, without any plan about how to handle this. We were lucky to find someone like Mark, who got us a decent price and guided us through the process when we wanted to sell it. Payment and everything went smoothly overseas.read more
Francesca P.
21:57 26 Aug 19
Bravo! This was my second time working with Mark and he continues to wow me with his professionalism and commitment for satisfaction. He delivered... everything I was hoping for and then some. I would highly recommend Mark to everyone in the art game 🙂read more
neil M.
17:23 13 Aug 19
Very happy i used Mark Little to handle the sale of my bottle,sent pictures,got offer,accepted offer and a week later received payment. Dedicated... packaging supplied and postage label for small fee so completely hassle free. Only left house to go to post office.Would definitely use again and glad i came across his website.read more
Laura F.
13:53 23 Jul 19
Really pleased that I chose Mark to broker and manage the sale of my two Bruichladdich casks. He was extremely professional, very pleasant to deal... with and I was very satisfied with the price he managed to obtain for both my casks. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and his service.read more
L M.
20:04 16 Jul 19
Regarding a Scotch Whisky sale, I found no problems or concerns at any stage of the transaction with Mark Littler. Communication was excellent, the... whole process from start to finish was professionally and meticulously explained & executed on a short timescale. From the initial contact, to the offer, the packaging & carriage arrangements, to the conclusion of the sale, all were expertly handled. I wish Mark Littler every success in the future.read more
Lindsay W.
19:48 12 Jul 19
I recently sold a bottle of Springbank using Mark's services. Excellent response, quick turn around and fast payment. Could not fault this service... everything went as planned.read more
Thasoula C.
12:40 12 Jul 19
Mark Littler provided what we can only describe as an outstanding service in relation to the sale of some family casks of whisky. The whole process... was conducted professionally and we were kept well- informed at every stage. We thoroughly and unhesitatingly recommend anyone considering the use of an independent broker to go to Mark's firm. Thank you, Mark.Jonathan and Thasoula Campbellread more
Lorraine F.
11:42 11 Jul 19
Mark provided an outstanding 5 star service in the sale of our whisky casks. He gave professional & knowledgable advice & we could not be happier... with the outcome. He made the often administratively tricky process of whisky cask sales seamless for us & the whole transaction was extremely efficient. Communication was excellent from start to finish & we would have no hesitation in highly recommending the service Mark offers. Do not hesitate; we will actively be seeking to use his services again!Lorraine Flockhartread more
epi 2.
10:10 10 Jul 19
Contacted to sell cask of whisky. I could not have asked for better service, communication or completion of the process. Expectations and... explanations were handled well, and everything went smoothly right up to and including the final payment for selling of the cask. If you have whisky to sell, I would make Mark Littler your first choice to handle things for you.read more
18:56 02 Jul 19
Mark is highly professional and he explained every step of the process clearly.I would highly recommend him and it was pleasure doing business with... him.read more
Kath R.
15:54 25 Jun 19
Very efficient professional and friendly service, never felt pressured into selling with Mark Littler, but very happy we did decide to go with him,... after checking out other companies. Well deserved five star service!read more
Mark W.
09:01 24 Jun 19
Mark conducted a high value sale transaction for me acting as broker. A complex process, clearly explained at each step of the way. Great... communication and willing to go the extra mile when it mattered.Entirely trustworthy and highly recommended.read more
Catherine H.
15:22 14 Jun 19
I know nothing about whisky, but Mark certainly does. Fantastic service - friendly, efficient and I felt trustworthy. There is no pressure from... Mark to sell, just the opposite. Highly recommend and I hope I have reason to do business with him again.read more
Adrian T.
07:51 14 Jun 19
Having decided to sell our cask of Bruicladdich (which was held at the distillery), but with no idea how to do it, we approached Mark. He informed us... of the process, both by email and over the ‘phone and then found a buyer prepared to offer significantly more than the distillery buy-back offer. Mark then arranged transfer of ownership and once that was completed we were promptly paid.Thank you Mark, we couldn’t have done this without you and we were pleased to find that you lived up to you many excellent reviews!D. Lee, A. Payne and A.Thompsonread more
Greg S.
14:40 31 May 19
Mark is very easy to do business with and equally efficient. His service takes the effort and uncertainty away from the process and is makes life... very easy. Mark helped us find a new home for a signed LS Lowry print and I'm very grateful for his help.read more
Nigel T.
13:16 23 May 19
Mark, It has been a real pleasure using your highly professional and personal service – you are truly a man of your word and a gem found by good... fortune on the internetread more
Kevin M.
15:31 17 May 19
A shame that there are only 5 stars to choose from. Mark was honest and encouraging, arranged everything on our behalf, sent through high quality... materials and kept us informed every step of the way. Should we ever need a service like this again, there's only one person that we'll go to.read more
Paul G.
19:41 07 May 19
Having received 5 separate quotes for my gold sovereigns, Mark got me the best price. I would have gone through Mark regardless though as his... customer service and knowledge was brilliant. Thank you very much Mark.read more
Anita W.
12:20 06 May 19
In the sale of our whisky casks Mark has been exemplaryHis honest advice and clear communication at every stage eased our path through the whole... transaction. This, with the outstanding price he achieved for us, was more than impressive.We commend him highly to anyone with good whisky to sell.Thank you MarkEddie & AnitaYorkshireread more
13:12 25 Apr 19
Mark, Thank you for your professional and honest dealing with the sale of my whisky collection. You deserve the praise I am giving you as from my... first contact I was completely comfortable to deal with you. Also you were very prompt in settling the account. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyoneThank youJOHN GOSSHampshireread more
Mel S.
18:31 05 Apr 19
Mark is a very professional person, with a passion for his work. He very quickly found a buyer. The whole process was smooth, efficient and fast. I... will have no hesitation in using his services again and highly recommend him to anyone. I am happy that instead of gathering dust hidden away my tea set has gone to someone who has the time to appreciate its beauty.Thank you mark for facilitating the transaction.read more
Mike T.
08:01 05 Apr 19
I found Mark details online and after reading the reviews I contacted his service. This was the first time I had ventured into anything like this so... was unsure of the process and also apprehensive knowing that I would have to give someone else my products and I would have to trust them with it. Mark was brilliant, he was reassuring, kept in regular contact, explained the process thoroughly and I would definitely use his service again. I have even recommended his services to others.read more
Norman B.
09:59 04 Apr 19
It was a pleasure to do business with Mark I got more than I expected for my bottle of whiskey that had been sitting in the garage for god knows how... many years cheers Mark.read more
Ian F.
23:01 29 Mar 19
Remarkable man. Remarkable service. The daunting prospect of how best to sell our cask of Macallan instead became a pleasure. Every aspect of the... transaction was handled painlessly! Thank you Mark.read more
Michael P.
20:28 20 Mar 19
I am very grateful to Mark who has helped me obtain a good price for 2 vintage bottles of Macallan whisky. If I had the good fortune of some other... bottles to sell I would not hesitate to use his services again. I was delighted with the outcome and would definitely recommend Mark and his expert services to others. Well done and THANKS.read more
sean T.
20:19 20 Mar 19
Amazing service!! Handled everything for me as promised. I am from Canada and he keep me updated on every step of the way through the selling of my... paintings. Highly recommended!!!!!!read more
Trish F.
15:45 14 Mar 19
Mark sold a limited edition print for me and I was very happy with the transaction. Mark was very friendly, helpful and straightforward. What more... can one ask?read more
Duncan C.
14:27 25 Feb 19
Wow, what a refreshing change it was to meet Mark . He was the consummate professional with an approachable and warm personality who clearly had an... in depth knowledge of his subject which he used to give me a first class service when I wanted to sell a whisky collection. For anyone who is considering any similar specialist whisky transactions I can certainly recommend him without reservation and, if you do use his services, you will realise why I have given him this glowing feedback - thank you Mark.read more
isobel M.
16:24 12 Feb 19
I was very impressed with the service and professional way Mark dealt with my enquiry from the offset, making enquiries for the sale of a rare bottle... of whiskey we owned, relaying the offers and forwarding a contract of sale as well as giving the option of using his return postal option to ensure safe delivery and then the proceeds of the sale being deposited in my bank less his fee. All in all it was a great service and I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again, in fact he would be my first port of call.read more
Helen W.
12:53 07 Feb 19
I had some Robert Thompson ‘mouseman’ furniture to sell and contacted Mark for help and advice. He is very approachable, gave good realistic advice... and quickly arranged a sale for me including collection. I was very pleased with the ease of the arrangements and would not hesitate to recommend him.read more
Kim H.
16:56 01 Feb 19
Mark has been very helpful in helping me sell a bottle of whisky which was given to my father many years ago. He was very professional, and was... always quick to reply to any of my questions. Not knowing anything about whisky, Mark was there to offer some good advice and I believe he is very knowledgeable about his work. The sale was done very quick, and the money was in my bank account the next day. I would highly recommend his services.read more
John L.
16:05 25 Jan 19
Mark helped us to sell our limited edition, signed L S Lowry print. On receipt of photos of the print he very quickly contacted likely buyers to... initiate offers and we were very satisfied with the price agreed which was as good as a London auctioneer's estimate. We then arranged a rendezvous near my home for the handover and Mark was kind enough to give me some very good advice about other pictures in our collection and the market generally. Overall, Mark provides an excellent service.read more
Rod F.
17:15 18 Jan 19
I found Mark's details online after looking to sell a collectable bottle of whiskey. I was going to use a well know auction site but Mark secured an... offer higher than the highest estimation from any auction house, within days, even after the 10% commission was deducted. Communication was perfect; punctual, to the point and polite. Collection and delivery were taken care of by Mark and instruction was clear and easy to follow. Payment was received to my bank within days of posting the bottle. I can't recommend Mark enough, he runs a tight ship gets top end offers from his clients and delivers quickly. Perfect. Many thanks.read more
Peter A.
21:43 17 Dec 18
We contacted Mark for a price on a specific item. He rapidly came up with an offer that we accepted. He proposed an agreement that, after a few... questions we signed. Within a few days he had visited us and collected the item. After a further six working days he had completed the sale and the cash was in our bank account. We were very pleased with the service.read more
Jim S.
11:11 06 Dec 18
I had a 25 year old Macallan bottle of whisky which had been gathering dust for 20 years and decided to see what it was worth now.After checking a... few auction houses I discovered Mark's website and he advised thst he knew a buyer who would be interested in my bottle.I then discovered that my mother in law had an 18 year old Macallan which had belonged to her late husband and Mark was also able to sell this to the same buyer.He came back with very good prices for the two bottles and we decided to accept his offer rather than take the chance of placing the bottles with an auction house whose commission would have been more than Mark was charging us.Packaging was provided by Mark and within a week the funds were in my bank account.Happy to recommed Mark to anyone looking for a professional agent to sell any type of valuables.read more
Peter B.
08:15 04 Dec 18
After inheriting a bottle of Whiskey I inadvertently realised it might be worth a bit more than the run of the mill Whiskey so started my search.... Prices on line vary widely and I'd no idea of how to go about selling such an item. I was lucky enough to find Mark Littler through a google search - and took confidence in the many positive reviews.a few messages later and Mark managed to get me a fair and good price for the Whiskey. Good communication and ease of the transaction were important to me and I wasn't disappointed at any time. Thank you Mark!read more
Kenny M.
23:24 01 Dec 18
I had several bottles of unwanted whisky which Mark turned into a decent amount of cash in a remarkable 20 days from my first e-mail. Great service... from a good bloke who knows his stuff and also how to deal with people. I would not hesitate to use his services again.read more
John T.
15:49 15 Nov 18
I recently engaged with Mark in order to sell a bottle of 1968, 18 year old Macallan, whiskey. Mark's advice, patience and speedy completion were... flawless. I would not hesitate to use him again.read more
John M.
10:20 01 Nov 18
Fabulous experience. Mark provided a professional and incredibly knowledgeable service. He obtained a much better price for a bottle of whisky i... wanted to sell than I could have got anywhere else. I highly recommend Mark, just could not be better. Thank you Mark.read more
Anthony H.
14:40 06 Oct 18
Having been disappointed with the offer made by the distillery for my Cask of Whisky I contacted Mark Littler. I was immediately impressed by his... knowledge of the market and his enthusiastic approach. I wasn’t to be disappointed as the sale of the Cask from start to finish was impeccably handled by Mark and an excellent price was obtained, far in excess of that offered by the distillery. Mark Littler gives a very reliable and personal service that is hard to find these days and I have no hesitation in highly recommending him.read more
Aljaz D.
09:05 02 Oct 18
A very professional service. Mark was ready to answer all my questions and do business with me regardless of myself not being based in the UK. I... would highly recommend his service to anyone.read more
Barbara M.
09:06 21 Sep 18
I have just sold a canteen of cutlery through Mark. It was a totally hassle free experience. Mark was terrifically helpful, efficient and very... professional. I definitely plan to use him again and would strongly recommend him.read more
Stuart B.
07:27 19 Sep 18
Fantastic service. 100% trustworthy. I had a rare bottle of whiskey given to me by a relative. You could say a forgotten bottle of whiskey! Mark... found me buyer and a great price.Use him, he is great.read more
ian G.
12:40 15 Sep 18
Mark was a real pleasure to deal with ! He was Honest,and straight forward in his dealings with us,gave us a good price and dealt with us on the... timescale that he told us would be good! He deserves all the accolades he can get,and we would deal with him again,with no worries at all! Good Luck.read more
malcolm M.
22:38 14 Sep 18
The whole experience from sending the photos receiving the packaging and receiving the funds was very well explained, organised and communications... was exceptionally goodread more
Adam D.
12:13 11 Sep 18
Wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the whole process was. Sure I may have gotten a bit more for my bottle at... auction, but I got a fair price and knew exactly how much I would get in advance, which was reassuringread more
David H.
22:20 09 Sep 18
Mark arranged for the sale of a bottle of whisky which I had. The whole process was made extremely easy down to him sending the packaging for me to... send the bottle to him. A good price was achieved and the money paid directly into my account. The whole process took just over a week.read more
Ken J.
23:15 31 Aug 18
Excellent service and a very good price for my bottle of whisky. The whole process was so easy with guidance every step of the way. I highly... recommend Mark Littler for his client focussed approach to business.read more
Francesca P.
22:30 29 Aug 18
I just recently worked with Mark from the USA. I sent him a print that I was interested in selling and, he made the experience seem so effortless.... Not only did he find a top price for my print, he was also incredibly courteous, professional and attentive to my needs as a seller. I would highly recommend his services. Thank you, Mark!read more
Angus M.
10:40 18 Aug 18
We recently decided to sell several casks of whisky that were left as an inheritance. Looking around online for alternatives we contacted Mark to see... if a better price could be obtained than was offered by the distillery. Mark obtained a far better deal with a third party and very patiently and professionally guided us through the sales process, answering all our queries and concerns. Highly recommended.read more
Mark A.
08:17 16 Aug 18
I contacted Mark Littler regarding the possible sale of a bottle of whisky. I have never done anything like this before but it was made very easy due... to the efficiency and helpfulness of Mark. I would definitely recommend!.read more
Jerome D.
01:20 11 Aug 18
It is our very great pleasure to endorse Mr. Mark Littler. We were joint owners of a hogshead cask of Ben Nevis Single Malt whisky which Mr. Littler... sold on our behalf. As Australians with very little knowledge of the complexities of selling such a product we found Mark to be knowledgeable, approachable and thorough in his dealings with ourselves, the distillery and the buyer. His personal touch was refreshing and his honesty and integrity, impeccable. He accomplished exactly what he said he would, explaining at all times what, how and why he did it. In addition, his more than competitive fee of 10% was well justified by the excellent return he was able to achieve, in a domain that would have been totally beyond us.If there are any Australians looking for someone to sell assets such as this, feel free to ask Mark for our contact details and we will gladly speak with you about our experience.Mr J. A. P. Deakin and Dr W. E. Milesread more
Christopher H.
11:12 10 Aug 18
I approached Mark with some trepidation about the sale of a cask of whisky having no idea how to sell it. Mark is eminently knowledgeable about the... resale process and before long had secured a very good offer. I was very impressed with the way Mark communicated during the process, he kept me up to date with regular calls and dealt with all the legal aspects of the sale. Well worth a five star rating and I would not hesitate to use Mark's services again.read more
Roger M.
14:03 08 Aug 18
An extremely helpful & professional service. Mark was always ready with advice on procedures, most of which were a totally new experience for meMy... whiskey cask sale was effectively prossessed and I had every confidence that matters were dealt with efficiently. Selling my cask was a completely new experience and without Mark’s help I do not think I could have managed such a satisfying outcome. If I ever have to repeat the process I would happily engage his services againread more
Terry P.
12:46 26 Jul 18
Mark has sold a bottle of whiskey for me (I bought it in 1987, but never got round to drinking) realising a 4000% profit - very much above my... expectations.From my initial email the whole experience has been unbelievably smooth and stress free.His service is very professional with the whole transaction from signing the contract to the money being in my account taking less than a week.He must have good contacts who pay him promptly - a good sign that he knows the market.He kept me well informed about progress and was very knowledgeable about my item.This is a more reliable sales route than auctions and the commission is half of what an auction house would charge.I would not hesitate to recommend Mark to anybody wanting to sell a valuable whiskey item and based on my experience would imagine he would offer a brilliant service for other antique items.read more
Andy B.
11:10 13 Jul 18
Such a wonderfully easy to use service, Mark has been knowledgeable and so helpful throughout, a pleasure to deal with. From initially just sending a... quick email to a completely unknown person online asking about the value of a bottle of whisky I'd been keeping hold of I have now had a great offer on it, a simple. quick and easy courier service to send it out and have quickly been paid, with very acceptable fees for Mark's service. Very very highly recommended!read more
Neil H.
17:10 22 Jun 18
Mark sold a barrel of Springbank for me - he is very attentive, always responds quickly, and kept me informed throughout the process, and achieved a... very pleasing sale price. Selling a barrel is quite slow and administratively fiddly, so having someone like Mark who knows the process is useful, not just to find a willing buyer but to nurse the transaction along as well.read more
Barbara H.
13:05 15 Jun 18
Mark is a very nice guy but, far more importantly extremely efficient and professional from start to finish. He was a pleasure to deal with and... comes highly recommended.read more
Miloslav P.
10:36 01 Jun 18
I have sold one of my whiskey through Mark. Easy communication, fast replies. Mark gave me better price than auctions and anyone else. Very happy... with the price and transaction. Will use it again very soon. Highly recommended.read more
david T.
08:00 31 May 18
Having an old bottle of malt whisky to sell I contacted Mark with some trepidation-the whisky was genuine but was he?I need not have worried,within... two weeks whisky sold,money in my bank-JOB DONEThanks Markread more
Darell H.
18:09 29 May 18
I had a signed limited edition print to sell and although I had an idea of its approximate value I had no idea how best to achieve that figure. I... contacted Mark and he advised me on the possible options and made some suggestions that I agreed with. He was professional, knowledgeable and friendly throughout the process and I was very pleased to receive just short of the figure we had originally discussed. I would recommend Mark to anyone.read more
Joey M.
20:14 20 May 18
Outstanding service for me, a cagey customer and a forgotten bottle of whiskey. From valuation, to postage to sale process, everything was taken care... of. Highly recommended!read more
Neil G.
08:58 03 May 18