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Consultations With Mark Littler

At Mark Littler Ltd, we are passionate about all things whisky and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions when it comes to investing in whisky, which is why we provide so much information for free.

Sometimes however, you need advice and information that is specific to your individual situation. If you would like a personalised one-to-one discussion then we also offer paid consultations direct with Mark Littler. One-to-one consultations can be tailored to your needs and can cover a range of topics, including, whether you are looking for advice around an opportunity you have been offered from another company, would like formal advice on a whisky investment or simply don’t want to wait for our advice around cask investment.

How Can A Paid Consultation With Mark Littler Help You?

As a trusted expert Mark can offer specific advice and guidance across a variety of points tailor made to suit you. From casks to bottles, and from a potential investment to one you have already made, a paid consultation can be shaped to meet your needs with whisky investment.

Book A Consultation

Consultations are priced at £500 + VAT per hour, plus travel where required.

Please click here to book a consultation with Mark Littler.

Investors looking to make a purchase may want to discuss: 

  • Reviewing contracts, including checking for naming rights, profit shares and other caveats
  • Receiving and indepentent opinion of an investment opportunity
  • Ensuring you have full ownership over a cask
  • Who needs to register under WOWGR and why
  • A second opinion on an opportunity you have been offered, be it price or brand of bottles or casks
  • Exit strategies, including the cost of bottling and retail versus auction
Mark Littler Consulting Services

A paid consultation would also be most suitable for existing cask owners who would like advice about a cask investment they already own, including:

  • How do you known if you own your cask?
  • What can you do if you don’t own your cask?
  • What recourse can you take if you have overpaid for a cask of whisky?
  • Timeframes and when to exit

Who Is Mark Littler?

Mark is the founder of Mark Littler Ltd, an international antiques and whisky brokerage and consultant. He founded his own business in 2016 after more than ten years in the auction industry. Mark Littler Ltd has grown to become one of the largest international brokerages in the UK and Mark and his team help sell millions of pounds of whisky bottles and casks.

The aim with Mark Littler Ltd was to create a one-stop resource for selling and buying whisky through an education led approach. It is this mindset of consumer safety focused content that also led him to co-found with Felipe Schrieberg.

Mark is a regular contributor to as a spirits expert and has been featured on BBC Radio Four as a whisky consultant. He produces a variety of free videos on his YouTube channel where he demystifies whisky investments and has two free comprehensive guides covering cask and bottle investment.

Mark is the owner and editor in chief of The Whiskey Wash, one of the leading global whisky news and reviews sites.

If you would like to benefit from Mark’s expertise in a more direct manner, then please use the form above to book in for a paid consultation.

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