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Whisky Cask Investment & Education

At Mark Littler LTD we offer honest and impartial advice to help you make a whisky cask investment by purchasing quality whisky at a fair price.

It can be difficult to know where to start when making a decision about a whisky cask investment. For example did you know that whisky casks and whisky bottles are two completely different investments? And that one is subject to capital gains and the other isn’t? If you’re interested in whisky bottles do head across to our bottle investment pages.

To help you make the right whisky investment for you we have assembled and created a huge selection of information. Each article, blog, video and PDF has been written or filmed to help you understand what you are buying, how and why the value may increase and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t decrease.

We suggest you start by downloading our free Cask Buying Guide and then exploring the articles we’ve curated into our online Cask Investment Guides. When you are happy that a whisky cask investment is the right option for you please get in touch for more information on buying a cask.

The Cask Investment Guide: Setting Industry Standards

Simply put, our cask investment PDF is the most comprehensive on the market. It’s so good other companies copied us.

We are 100% open about cask ownership at all stages of the process. The PDF guide outlines everything you need to be aware of before you buy a cask. And if you want even more detail then explore our online Cask Investment Guides.

Alongside practical considerations such as Capital Gains Tax and cask basics you will also learn:

  • Our proven strategy for seeing a profit from casks
  • Choosing a cask size and type
  • Why whisky casks should not be compared to the Knight Frank Index
  • Selling your cask

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Whisky Cask Education

We have dedicated a whole category on our blog to articles on Whisky Education all written for you by our industry experts.

If there is a question we haven’t covered and you want to know the answer, just ask.

The Cask Calculator

We have created our cask calculator to help you understand the costs involved in bottling a cask of whisky. For older casks it can also help you check the price you’ve been asked to pay.

From brokering millions of pounds worth of cask sales for our customers looking to sell their casks we have found that selling in bond is the most profitable way of selling a cask. However, if you are considering bottling a cask as a way to exit a cask investment then you will need to consider the costs involved in bottling, including duty, VAT and other costs. Do the calculations for your cask here

Mark Littler Ltd: Our Story

Why use Mark Littler Ltd.

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Advice You Can Trust

Since 2016 our aim has been simple – to provide a trustworthy source of information to help people make a sound decision when they are selling their item. To date we have sold millions of pounds worth of antiques and whisky (both casks and bottles).

It was our intention to stay as an advisory service only to those looking to sell. But in 2019 we got fed up of the hyperbole and, well, frankly lies, with regards to cask investment so we decided to help customers make a sound, informed whisky cask investment.

When selling casks we apply the same guiding principles that we adhere to across all our services: a clear and education led approach with no pushy sales.


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