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Sell Your Pocket Watch With Confidence

We are here to help you sell your antique pocket watch for the highest possible price.  With fifteen years of experience let us help you find the right specialist for your pocket watch. 

Our team at Mark Littler Ltd specializes in matching your pocket watch to the right specialists and the service is entirely free of charge. 

Antique pocket watches have been around since the 16th century, evolving from simple spring-driven mechanisms to complex timepieces with intricate designs. These beautiful and functional pieces are not just a fashion statement, but also a reflection of history and craftsmanship.

Sell Your Pocket Watch

Free Expert Pocket Watch Valuations

Use the form below or send images of your pocket watch to be connected with a pocket watch expert.

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    Find Me A Specialist Pocket Watch Valuer

    How To Sell: Auction or Private Sale?

    Mark Littler Ltd. are one of the only independent advisers in the antique industry. We offer trusted, independent advice to help you sell your Pocket Watch for the highest possible price.

    Selling at an auction might provide your watch with greater exposure. However, with a combined average of 45% in gross buyers’ and sellers’ fees, this approach might prove to be a false economy.

    Conversely, finding a private buyer for your pocket watch through our services could net you 33% more than if you sold it via auction, as our fees are only 12%.

    What We Do For You

    Simply fill in your contact details below and you will get an automatic referral to a leading pocketwatch auction expert who will give you an auction estimate and advise on how to sell with them.  We will also see if we are able to get any offer from our private clients. 

    If we get any offers we will send these within 4 days.  All offers are without obligation and there are no fees to pay us if you decide to sell at auction.

    Pocket Watch Valuation Tips

    To get the most accurate valuation of your pocket watch simply ensure you provide the following information:

    1. Include the width of the pocket watch across the dial but DO NOT include the winder or bow in this measurement.
    2. Let us know if the watch is working – just knowing that it ticks when wound is enough.
    3. How heavy is the watch?  While we can value pocket watches simply by looking at the images, if you can let us know the total weight of the watch (in grams) then we can be a lot more accurate.
    4. PROVENANCE! Who owned the watch before it came to you?  Perhaps it was a family member who fought in a war, or a relative who had friends in high places.  These stories matter and can impact the value of the watch more than you think.
    5. Boxes and paperwork.  Does the watch have its original box and paperwork?  If so let us know as this will make a difference to the valuation.