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Sell A Cask of Whisky

We have sold millions of pounds of casks for our customers, consistently achieving the best price for all types of whisky cask. We help you sell your cask for the best price by going direct to our extensive network of buyers.

We pride ourselves on our open and friendly approach to selling a whisky cask. No question is too small and we are happy to offer complimentary valuations on your cask and expert advice on how to achieve the best price.

At Mark Littler we are committed to providing the foremost independent whisky brokerage service in the UK to help you get the best price for your whisky.


Are you looking for a valuation on a cask you own or are looking to sell?  Enter your details below and we will provide you with a free open market valuation of your cask.

Whisky Cask Valuation Form

What is a Cask of Whisky Worth?

Some casks of whisky can sell for over £200,000, some others may only sell for around £5,000. But what is it that makes some casks worth more than others?

How are cask values calculated?

The value of casks is calculated per litre of pure alcohol (LA). For instance an offer might be £150 per LA, if there are 85LA in a cask then the value of that cask would be £12,750 ( i.e  £150 x 85).

To calculate the number of litres of pure alcohol in a cask you divide the bulk volume (the total litres of liquid in the cask) by the alcoholic strength (ABV).  i.e. 200 bulk litres x 50% ABV = 100 litres of pure alcohol. This figure is the industry standard for calculating a cask value. This is also the metric which HMRC uses to calculate the duty owed if the cask is removed from bond.

What affects the value of a cask of whisky?

There are a large number of interlinking factors which impact the final valuation of a cask of whisky. It is a combination of a number of features that can make a cask expensive, or worthless.

Bottles from your cask

Owning a cask is a unique chance to see how a whisky matures through its life. We have worked with the award winning designer Tom Nicklin to design an incredible label for our clients bottles.

Tom has worked with the likes of Johnnie Walker, Singleton, Bulleit, Haig, Royal Lochnagar, Dalwhinnie, Lagavulin and Talisker.

This means that when you get your memento from your cask it will look like a premium bottle of whisky that you would find in a whisky retailer. We also have personalisation labels so you can make your bottles individual for use as special gifts.

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  • £50 + shipping for one bottle
  • £70 + shipping for three bottles

Prices are inclusive of VAT and duty but do not include shipping. If you require more than three bottles then please use multipliers for six, twelve, etc.

How to Sell Your Cask for the Best Price

We achieve market beating prices by finding you the perfect end user for your cask.  We work our networks in Europe, the USA, Middle East and Asia to find the person whose requirements perfectly match those of your cask.  This means it can take a few weeks for us to get offers for your cask, but as you most likley have waited several decades for the cask to mature we hope you can wait a few more weeks.

The majority of our clients are based in Asia where any form of Single Malt Scotch Whisky is now positioned as one of the most sought after assets.  It is the demand from Asia that has driven record prices for bottles and casks.  As whisky is now seen as a status symbol the ultra wealthy see casks of whisky as the ultimate status symbol.

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The Cask Selling Process

Sell A Cask of Whisky (4)

Please send the details of your cask to [email protected] alternatively please use the form below. 

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Once we have the relevant details from your cask we provide an initial valuation, then work with our network of international buyers to negotiate the best offers for your consideration.

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If you decide to proceed with the offer we will make sure you understand the process and issue you with a contract. At this stage we can work with you to draw off a number of bottles for personal use.

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We manage all transfer paperwork and guide you through the selling process stage by stage. Once the paperwork has been transferred to the new owners we release the funds to you.


Below are a few of the testimonials we have received from happy clients.  You can find these reviews and hundreds more on Google, Facebook and Yell.

Nick H.
After 20 years I'm a bit maudlin at seeing my madeira butt go but the process was made easier by recruiting Mark Littler to assist.Communications with Mark and his team are quick and simple. What Mark says, he does, with openess and integrity which in these times of charlatanism is a relief to come across. His counsel and advice held water and helped me realise one of my ambitions.I contacted Mark after hearing him speak on the BBC's 'The Food Programme'. My thoughts were that if the BBC's... production team had vetted him and found all wholesome then he would be good enough for me. As a result, I can reccomend Mark wholeheartedly. I will be going back to Mark in 5 years time when those casks I bought for our children will need to be sold to help them onto their respective property ladders.Many thanks Mark and more
Philip M.
After my cask reached 10 years old I asked the distillery for a buy back price, which I thought was very low. Apparently they have no outlet for them. So deciding to sell privately I found Mark and contacted him based on previous reviews. I was not disappointed, he handled the sale from start to finish and sold my cask for 4x what the distillery had offered. When my next one comes of age Mark will be my first port of call.


Are you looking for a quick valuation on a cask you own or are looking to sell?  Enter your details below and we will provide you with a free, no obligation, open market valuation of your cask.

Whisky Cask Valuation Form

Cask Selling FAQ

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  • There are lots of different factors that can affect the value of your cask.  You can read more about them here.

    The essential information we need is:

    • Distillery
    • Year of production
    • Cask type
    • Age
    • Regauge details

    All of this information can be provided by the distillery and is a very common, straightforward process.  You simply need to call the distillery and ask for a regauge (read more about what a regauge is here)

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Why choose Mark Littler to Sell Your Whisky Cask?

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Trusted Brokers

At Mark Littler Ltd we sell your cask to make a profit for you. We are an independent whisky broker and we are different from other cask selling services in that we help you sell your cask direct to the end user, which means we can get you the best price for your cask. Many other cask selling services buy your cask and then resell it themselves, which means it is not in their interest to get you the best price. Our fees are a flat 10% so you know exactly what to expect when you sell your cask through us.

Don’t just take our word for it. Mark Littler Ltd was established in 2016 and we have over 300 five-star reviews on Google, Facebook and Yell from our contented customers. We understand that selling a cask is significant transaction and can offer independent references on demand.

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Delivering Profit to Our Customers

Our international network of buyers ensures we can match your cask with the right consumer to get you the best possible price for your whisky cask. Our extensive network of buyers means we consistently deliver offers that are higher than those put forward by distilleries or other brokers. We work on a flat 10% commission rate, no hidden costs, just us ensuring you get the most out of your cask.

Already have an offer on your cask? Our advice is completely free and as part of our drive to increase transparency in the cask industry we would be more than happy for you to get in touch for a no-obligation chat about selling your whisky cask.

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Experience Your Cask

As well as ensuring that selling your whisky cask is a straightforward experience, because of our exclusive industry contacts we can offer a series of unique opportunities when you sell your cask with us.

  1. Keep 1-6 bottles of your cask, at cost
  2. Have just a portion of your cask bottled
  3. Get a custom cask head as a memento of your cask

Bottle up to 6 bottles at cost (plus duty, VAT and bottling fees (aprox. £10-£20 per bottle for a bespoke label design), which can be deducted from the final profit from your cask. If you would like to bottle more than 6 bottles we can also arrange part bottling of your cask. If you would like any bottles from your cask please let us know at the start of the process so we can let any potential buyer know.

Independent Whisky Cask Valuations

In order to provide you with an accurate valuation please provide as much of the below information as you can.

All of our valuations are without obligation.  You can also call the Mark Littler direct on 01260 218718

Whisky Cask Valuation Form

Distillery Specific Pages

We can help sell casks from all distilleries, find out more about selling your specific cask of whisky on our specialised distillery pages.

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