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Whisky Cask Buying Guide

Buying a cask of whisky is a big financial decision.

Before you commit to buying a cask, sign up to receive our exclusive whisky cask buying guide. Download a PDF then sit down and make an informed decision, maybe over a dram or two.

A Cask Investment Guide – Not A Sales Pitch

We believe owning a cask of whisky should be an experience rather than just an investment, and we encourage our customers to ensure they are familiar with all aspects of becoming a cask owner.

That is why we created our cask buyer’s guide, which includes all the information you will need to buy a cask of whisky and everything you need to know about investing in whisky.

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Inside Our Whisky Cask Guide

Inside our 52 page magazine you will find extensive information about all aspects of cask ownership.

The guide is broken down into 10 chapters with an additional appendix and FAQ section.

whisky cask investment advice

Welcome to the world of whisky casks

We invite you into the world of whisky and introduce the journey to owning a cask

Mark-Littler-Whisky-Broker-Square SMALL

About Mark Littler LTD

Why you should use Mark Littler Ltd; our ethos and what our customers have to say about us

buying casks of whisky for investment

Choosing the right cask

Your choice of cask will shape the future of your whisky and is an integral part of buying a cask; we cover the basics of choosing your vessel.

buying casks of whisky for profit

Buying Journey

Find out what buying a quality cask costs with Mark Littler. A breakdown of each stage of buying a cask with us.

buying casks of whisky

Profit: why buy young and sell old

An introduction to the whisky cask industry; why our customers choose to buy young and sell old.

whisky cask investment advice buying

Experience: more than just an asset

Our hands on approach to cask ownership; visit your cask, draw bottles & personalise your cask.

how much is a cask of whisky

Trust: being open about cask ownership

The difference between casks & traditional investments, why casks cannot be compared to bottles & the hidden cost of bottling.

should i buy a cask of whisky

Mature casks and corporate bottlings

For buyers who fully understand the lifecycle of a cask we can offer mature casks for sale. Plus corporate casks & private bottling.

whisky cask investment

Celebration casks

A whisky cask is a distinctive gift for weddings, Christenings & more, offering continued enjoyment throughout the life of the cask.


Cask customisation

Customise & personalise your cask; personalise your cask end & get a replica cask head to immortalise your cask ownership.

whisky cask investment guide


We explain some common cask industry jargon & run through average annual charges.

are casks a good long term investment


What to expect when selling your cask; bottling costs, wholesale to retail prices & selling in bond.