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Whisky Cask Guides

Here we have collected our core resources, articles and reference guides into one place so that you can explore them at your leisure. As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

We have created and curated an extensive range of resources and guides on whisky investment so that you can make an informed decision on your whisky cask purchase. As well as our free Cask Buying Guide magazine we have a ten part video guide series, a dedicated blog which is updated weekly with news and market insights, and our industry first whisky cask bottling calculator.

Basic Cask Ownership Principles

Before you become a cask owner there are some basic principles you need to understand.  These are: UK legislation with regards to the ownership of duty suspended goods, how ownership is passed from the seller to the buyer, where casks are stored and if you need insurance or not.

Cask Buying Due Dilligence

Whisky casks can be a great investment, both from a personal and financial perspective. But with so little information available on buying casks, how can you ensure you are not falling victim to a scam?

We are often contacted by customers who are attempting to perform due diligence on a cask they are purchasing from another company, and in doing so find our guides. One request that comes up time and time again is please can we provide a cask buying due diligence checklist.

Cask Calculator

How Much Does It Cost To Bottle A Cask?

We created our cask calculator to help you understand the costs involved in bottling a cask of whisky.

Bottling a cask of whisky is frequently the first option that occurs to members of the public when they look at selling a cask. But did you know that bottling a cask can as much as double your costs thanks to VAT, Duty, bottling and transport costs? Find out how these costs add up with our cask calculator.

Whisky Cask Invstment Video Guides

Mark Littler sits down to run through some of the basics of cask investment and ownership in our ten cask investment video guides.

The video guides cover everything you should know before you buy a cask, and debunks a few myths around cask investment.

The Romance Of The Cask Series

Maturing a whisky is unexpectedly complex and is not as simple as putting distillate in a vessel and leaving it. In fact, the process can make or break a whisky: If you make a mistake with the cask and maturation then you may find that all the effort that has gone into making the spirit will have been wasted. This may not be found out until a few years later.

In our Romance of The Cask series we will be exploring all the ways that casks impact your whisky starting with the type of wood and finishing with what casks are used for when they can no longer be used for whisky.

Financial Returns

Although the majority of our clients buy casks as they want whisky experience their cask mature, we are aware that some people look at casks solely as a financial investment.

There are many outlandish claims about the returns you are likely to see from your cask investment.  In these guides we are frank about the potential performance you can expect from a cask investment.

Whisky Cask 101

If you’re buying a cask then you really need to understand what a cask is and how it affects the whisky maturing inside it.

In these in-depth guides we explain everything there is to know about casks and how whisky matures.


A Cask Investment Guide – Not A Sales Pitch

Our Cask Buying Guide is a comprehensive introduction to buying a whisky cask and investing in casks. In it we run through all the basics of whisky cask investment so that you can make an informed decision.

Download the guide as a PDF or request a physical copy of the magazine.