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We pride ourselves on our customer service here at Mark Littler Ltd, and we have succeeded in selling thousands of pounds worth of whisky for our clients. But, don’t just take our word for it. We have over 400 five-star reviews across Google and Yell for our whisky selling services, brokerage services, and more… 

We can also provide you with the contact details of former clients who are happy to act as a reference for us. 


Neil C., December 2020, 5 Stars

“Mark did exactly what he promised to do and achieved a good price for the whiskey cask which he sold for us. We were kept informed of what was going on and the whole transaction was hassle free.

Nigel D., December 2020, 5 Stars

“Mark was true to his word when he advised how long the process would take with selling our Cask of Whisky and what we would expect to receive.  He has been very attentive and continued to provide feedback during the sale process and he managed to achieve an exceptional price for us.  Thank you Mark, we will be sure to come back to you when we sell our next cask.”

Diana D., November 2020, 5 Stars

“Mark was an absolute pleasure to work with. Delighted to have discovered him during an internet search researching how best to sell two casks of 50 year old Scottish whiskey. He is professional, knowledgeable and quickly responded to my endless questions. It was a smooth transaction and am very pleased with the price he was able to secure.  Highly recommend!”

David C., October 2020, 5 Stars 

“Have several casks of high end whisky, I decided to sell one of my investments. An internet search revealed Mark Littler. Only person to respond to my email. Mark sold my first cask in weeks. New exactly what he was talking about and doing . The price was at the very high end of his valuation. He did all the work, I just signed the sales document. as easy as that. Money transferred into my account, and you are talking thousands too. Much appreciated, will now sell another cask as the time is right.”

Iona T., September 2020, 5 Stars

“Mark provided us with an excellent service for the sale of a cask of Springbank Whisky. He provides a professional, friendly and responsive service, guiding you every step of the way. My mother was delighted with the result. I recommend his end to end service. Thank-you!”

Ian B., July 2020, 5 Stars

“Mark recently helped to successfully sell my cask of Macallan single malt whisky.

From our initial discussion I was impressed with the depth of his knowledge and his professional approach.  Mark guided me through each step of the process, providing reasons and insights to ensure I made the correct decisions.  His estimate of the value of the cask was spot on.

I would have no hesitation in using his professional services again.”

Ian B. July 2020. 5 Stars

“Mark recently helped to successfully sell my cask of Macallan single malt whisky. From our initial discussion I was impressed with the depth of his knowledge and his professional approach. Mark guided me through each step of the process, providing reasons and insights to ensure I made the correct decisions. His estimate of the value of the cask was spot on. I would have no hesitation in using his professional services again.”

Steve P. April 2020. 5 Stars.

“Just over 10 years ago I visited the Bruichladdich distillery and bought a newly filled fresh bourbon barrel. Having allowed it to mature I needed to decide what to do with it. Bruichladdich made an unattractive offer to buy it back. I became aware of Mark Littler, from a Google search. I contacted him based on the many positive reviews. After talking to him and learning of his experience of selling casks I commissioned him to sell my cask.Dealing with Mark has been a pleasure, he has guided me through the process and I have received over 3 times the offer from Bruichladdich. I have found Mark to be realistic and helpful and I recommend his services.”

James G. April 2020. 5 Stars

“Mark was excellent from start to finish in dealing with our whiskey cask sale. I highly recommend his services and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again. 5 Star!”

Jacky S. March 2020. 5 Stars.

“Mark sold two casks of whisky for me. He got a very good price for them and kept me informed through the rather slow process (which he had warned me about). Very pleased with the service.”

John P. February 2020. 5 Stars.

“I sold my Bruichladdich hogshead cask through Mark and can highly recommend his services. Immediate follow-up and a very clear outlined agreement while Mark managed to get a good price for the cask in a fairly short time period. I’m very pleased and would not hesitate to utilize his services again in the future.”

Dave M. January 2020. 5 Stars.

“I recently sold a 25 year old cask of Scottish whisky through Mark. The market is not easy to tap into but Mark has good connections and got me an excellent price. He made the process very simple and completed all the necessary paperwork for me. Highly recommended!”

Diana M. December 2019. 5 Stars.

“I had a cask of 10 year old Bruichladdich to sell. Googled potential buyers. Some traders didn’t bother to reply, even though I had sent full details. Mark was brilliant from the word go … very professional and kept me well informed of progress. I ended up with over 50% more from him than my next best offer! Payment was very prompt.I would highly recommend Mark. Don’t waste time with the others … they will just cause exasperation!!Thanks Mark . Pleasure doing business with you!”

Brain L. September 2019. 5 Stars.

“Mark was very helpful explaining me details about buying and owning a cask of whiskey – I will give him my best recommendations”

September 2019. 5 Stars.

“Excellent services and communication! We are a group of Nordic guys, completely amateurs in the whisky market, who ended up with a cask 20 years ago when we were still quite young, without any plan about how to handle this. We were lucky to find someone like Mark, who got us a decent price and guided us through the process when we wanted to sell it. Payment and everything went smoothly overseas.”

Thasoula C. August 2019. 5 Stars.

“Mark Littler provided what we can only describe as an outstanding service in relation to the sale of some family casks of whisky. The whole process was conducted professionally and we were kept well- informed at every stage. We thoroughly and unhesitatingly recommend anyone considering the use of an independent broker to go to Mark’s firm. Thank you, Mark.

Laura F. August 2019. 5 Stars,

Really pleased that I chose Mark to broker and manage the sale of my two Bruichladdich casks. He was extremely professional, very pleasant to deal with and I was very satisfied with the price he managed to obtain for both my casks. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and his service.”

Adrian T. July 2019. 5 Stars,

“Having decided to sell our cask of Bruicladdich (which was held at the distillery), but with no idea how to do it, we approached Mark. He informed us of the process, both by email and over the phone and then found a buyer prepared to offer significantly more than the distillery buy-back offer. Mark then arranged transfer of ownership and once that was completed we were promptly paid. 

“Thank you Mark, we couldn’t have done this without you and we were pleased to find that you lived up to your many excellent reviews! 

Anita W. July 2019. 5 Stars.

“In the sale of our whisky casks Mark has been exemplary

“His honest advice and clear communication at every stage eased our path through the whole transaction. This, with the outstanding price he achieved for us, was more than impressive.

We commend him highly to anyone with good whisky to sell”.

Lorraine F. August 2019. 5 Stars.

“Mark provided an outstanding 5 star service in the sale of our whisky casks. He gave professional & knowledgeable advice & we could not be happier with the outcome. He made the often administratively tricky process of whisky cask sales seamless for us & the whole transaction was extremely efficient. Communication was excellent from start to finish & we would have no hesitation in highly recommending the service Mark offers. Do not hesitate; we will actively be seeking to use his services again!”

Epi150. August 2019. 5 Stars.

“Contacted to sell [a] cask of whisky. I could not have asked for better service, communication or completion of the process. Expectations and explanations were handled well, and everything went smoothly right up to and including the final payment for selling of the cask. If you have whisky to sell, I would make Mark Littler your first choice to handle things for you.”

Christopher H. 2019. 5 Stars.

“I approached Mark with some trepidation about the sale of a cask of whisky having no idea how to sell it. Mark is eminently knowledgeable about the resale process and before long had secured a very good offer. I was very impressed with the way Mark communicated during the process, he kept me up to date with regular calls and dealt with all the legal aspects of the sale. Well worth a five star rating and I would not hesitate to use Mark’s services again.”

Anthony H. 2019. 5 Stars.

“Having been disappointed with the offer made by the distillery for my Cask of Whisky I contacted Mark Littler. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of the market and his enthusiastic approach. I wasn’t to be disappointed as the sale of the Cask from start to finish was impeccably handled by Mark and an excellent price was obtained, far in excess of that offered by the distillery.  Mark Littler gives a very reliable and personal service that is hard to find these days and I have no hesitation in highly recommending him”

Rupert C. 2019. 5 Stars.

“Very easy service for the sale of a cask of whisky – Mark dealt with the transfer really impressively. Great service, many thanks”

Sophie S. 2019. 5 Stars.

“Mark is very professional and helpful all the way through the process of selling a cask. I really recommend Mark!

Roger M. 2019. 5 Stars.

“An extremely helpful & professional service. Mark was always ready with advice on procedures, most of which were a totally new experience for me

“My whiskey cask sale was effectively [processed] and I had every confidence that matters were dealt with efficiently. Selling my cask was a completely new experience and without Mark’s help I do not think I could have managed such a satisfying outcome. If I ever have to repeat the process I would happily engage his services again”

Angus M. 2019. 5 Stars.

“We recently decided to sell several casks of whisky that were left as an inheritance. Looking around online for alternatives we contacted Mark to see if a better price could be obtained than was offered by the distillery. Mark obtained a far better deal with a third party and very patiently and professionally guided us through the sales process, answering all our queries and concerns. Highly recommended.”

John B 2019. 5 Stars.

“Would recommend Mark to everyone, for all the professional advise, help and expertise in relation to the sale of my casks of whisky”

Tim J. 2018. 5 Stars.

“From my initial contact with Mark the whole experience of selling my cask of 1989 Macallan Whisky has been a breeze. Mark was very helpful, exceedingly dedicated and totally professional at all times.

“It was an excellent service provided at a very reasonable cost. Mark obtained a fantastic six-figure sum for my cask which I am completely over the moon with.

“I would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.”

James H. 2018. 5 Stars.

“Mark sold a cask of whisky which I had inherited and did not know what to do with. The offer I got through Mark was much higher than the distillery had offered me and the whole process was simple and best of all, profitable! He explained all of the steps I needed to take in a straightforward manner and no question was too small for him to answer. Well recommended.”

Ivan A. 2018. 5 Stars.

“I have just sold a large cask of Arran whisky I purchased in 1996 after finding Mark’s website and comparing his service to other brokers.

“I could not be happier with the sale price, it was substantial and approx two thousand more than the next best offer.  Mark is very helpful and has excellent communication skills. The sale went very smoothly and promptly.

“I would not hesitate to use his services again and recommend him to any other sellers of high value casks.”

Jerome D. 2019. 5 Stars.

“It is our very great pleasure to endorse Mr. Mark Littler. We were joint owners of a hogshead cask of Ben Nevis Single Malt whisky which Mr. Littler sold on our behalf. As Australians with very little knowledge of the complexities of selling such a product we found Mark to be knowledgeable, approachable and thorough in his dealings with ourselves, the distillery and the buyer. His personal touch was refreshing and his honesty and integrity, impeccable. He accomplished exactly what he said he would, explaining at all times what, how and why he did it. In addition, his more than competitive fee of 10% was well justified by the excellent return he was able to achieve, in a domain that would have been totally beyond us.

“If there are any Australians looking for someone to sell assets such as this, feel free to ask Mark for our contact details and we will gladly speak with you about our experience”.


DianaM-119, January 2021, 5 Stars

“Just completed my second sale of a whisky cask via Mark.

This time Mark had a couple of little obstacles to negotiate … Brexit and COVID-19 lockdown. Nevertheless, Mark managed my sale professionally and efficiently, keeping me well informed of progress along the way.

It has been a pleasure dealing with Mark. Sadly I have no more whisky to sell. If I did I would have no hesitation in engaging him again. Thoroughly recommended.”

SharonR-319, November 2020, 5 Stars 

“Mark was so easy to work with. I owned a cask of scotch whiskey and he handled the sale very professionally and actually got more money for it than he originally thought. He always answered my emails promptly and helped me through every step of selling it with me being in the US. I would use him again in a heartbeat.”

MargaretG-236, August 2020, 5 Stars

“From the beginning to the end of the process of selling a cask of Bruichladdich whisky, Mark was brilliant. He recognised that this whole process was new to me, and without being the slightest bit patronising, made the whole process simple and straightforward. Thank you Mark; I would not hesitate to recommend your service to others.”

ChristianC-62, July 2020, 5 Stars

“Sold two casks with Mark. Great services, smooth transaction and very professional.

Thank you Mark.”

MartinS-847, June 2020, 5 Stars

“Mark sold my cask of whisky recently at a higher price than previous offers made from other companies. I can recommend Mark since he is knowledgeable, professional in his dealings, genuine in his opinion and takes time to put you at ease and explain everything. During these uncertain times, Mark was able to ensure that the sale went through with minimum fuss as possible. Thank you for an excellent service.”

DotP-6, March 2020 5 Stars.

“Mark has just sold my 10 year old Hogshead of whisky at a (substantial) profit to myself. From reguage to money in the bank was approx six months, but (certainly) worth the wait. The transactions were trouble and (hassle) free. Mark was (professional) throughout and I shall certainly be calling on his services again when my next barrel matures.”

MartinS-874. 4/6/2020. 5 Stars.

“Mark sold my cask of whisky recently at a higher price than previous offers made from other companies. I can recommend Mark since he is knowledgeable, professional in his dealings, genuine in his opinion and takes time to put you at ease and explain everything. During these uncertain times, Mark was able to ensure that the sale went through with minimum fuss as possible. Thank you for an excellent service.”

DotP-6. 31/3/2020 5 Stars.

“Mark has just sold my 10 year old Hogshead of whisky at a [substantial] profit to myself. From reguage to money in the bank was approx six months, but [certainly] worth the wait. The transactions were trouble and [hassle] free. Mark was [professional] throughout and I shall certainly be calling on his services again when my next barrel matures.”

MartinM-659. 27/3/2020. 5 Stars.

“Mark recently sold a cask of whisky for me, securing a much better price than other agents. He is really professional and a great communicator. It can be a complicated process selling whisky and moving the casks around, but he kept me up to date all the time with what was happening. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark’s services 100%”

FrankL-69. 22/12/19. 5 Stars.

“I had a cask of Arran whisky to sell and having approached other dealers before Mark I was immediately impressed by his friendly manner and knowledge. His range of estimates were more [than] others had offered and I’m pleased [to] say he achieved the top end of his estimate which was beyond my expectations. I would thoroughly recommend his services. He keeps in contact throughout the process and makes the whole deal very easy”

RussellB-144. 10/7/2019. 5 Stars.

“Having owned my cask of whisky for 26 years it was most important to ensure that the sale of [the] same was dealt with at the most professional level. After many searches, and a dialogue with Mark I asked him if he would become involved. After a short period of time he had found a buyer offering a higher value than I had expected, which I subsequently accepted. The operation was seamless, Mark was a delight to deal with. Nothing too much trouble, keeping me fully informed throughout the procedure.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Mark in any high value specialised transaction of this nature.”

GrantK-18. 10/6/2019. 5 Stars.

“Very professional and friendly from start to finish, in connection with a sale of a cask of whisky. Excellent price achieved for the vendors.”

CharlesF-124. 23/5/2019. 5 Stars.

“Mark acted for me in the sale of some casks of whisky. He was superb! Immensely efficient, shrewd and [knowledgeable]. I had complete confidence from the start, and the confidence was amply justified.”

IanF-317. 29/3/19. 5 Stars.

“Remarkable man. Remarkable service. The daunting prospect of how best to sell our cask of Macallan instead became a pleasure. Every aspect of the transaction was handled painlessly! Thank you Mark.”

MichaelL-682. 21/12/28. 5 Stars.

“I was looking for an outlet for my cask of Bruichladdich and I went with Mark Littler. It’s been a pleasure working with Mark and I recommend him highly and especially as I’m a beginner to the intriguing world of Whisky!”

GrayTelephone24-4. 12/4/2018. 5 Stars.

“Thank you so much for arranging the sale of my malt whisky cask at a price that was more than twice what I had been offered elsewhere. Your service was extremely user-friendly and professional. I would recommend anyone in a similar position not to sell before contacting you!”

PurpleBag-92. 11/1/18. 5 Stars.

“I found Mark Littler’s details on the internet while searching for a broker to sell a large cask of Arran whisky I purchased in 1996. The sale has just been finalised and I cannot thank Mark enough for his assistance. He achieved a price I could not have dreamed of just a few years ago, it was substantially more than any other offer.

“Mark’s communication is excellent. He is very helpful and professional. I was a little nervous due to the high value of the cask but Mark put me very much at ease and the sale was completed very smoothly and promptly. I recommend him and would not hesitate to use his services again.”

b monck
b monck
The service from the Littler team is exceptional. Many businesses make big promises and very very few deliver. Littler actually deliver. In addition. all the team that i dealt with were courteous and efficient and the service from start to finish was flawless. I cannot recommend them highly enough
karen mc verry
karen mc verry
Excellent service from initial email to sale completion. Highly recommend Mark and his team. Everything dealt with efficiently. Thank you
Jose Valdovinos
Jose Valdovinos
I recently had the pleasure of working with Mark Littler to sell my collection of 14 high-end whisky bottles, which included my precious Karuizawa collection and a 40-year-old Port Ellen, and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. From the initial consultation through to the final sale, Mark and his team demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and deep market knowledge. They provided expert advice on pricing and marketing strategies, ensuring that my collection reached the right buyers and secured the best possible price. It's clear that Mark Littler is exceptionally skilled in handling luxury collections, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to sell high-value items with confidence and ease. Thank you, Mark, for making what could have been a daunting process, smooth and rewarding!
Brian Parks
Brian Parks
A very efficient sales service from quote through delivery to payment. All done with care and a smile. Thanks.
Brian Sinnett
Brian Sinnett
I had a bottle of 25 year Anniversary McAllan and was looking at the options available.Direct selling / via broker / go to auction?To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to this. I'd convinced myself that this whole process was going to be a bit of a pain.I'd envisioned bargaining back and forth with various entities, paying through the nose for commissions / insurance / postage etc...So, did some investigation, looked at number of these possibilities and decided to contact Mark Littler.No regrets.Quite simply: Great service from ML teamSo, what was good?Prompt communicationClear defined processesVery fair price offeredBottle Return process : Fully insured, solid packing materials provided.Contract clear & simple (client copy provided)Payment was completed within two days of them receiving my bottleSo thanks Matt & Rachel.Your professionalism and friendly service has been greatly appreciated.Kind regards,Brian
Eddie Field
Eddie Field
I am so pleased with the service I have received from Mark and his team. He has guided me through the whole process of selling my Dad’s whisky collection, Including sending the less valuable stuff to auction. I’d highly recommend him without a doubt.
Charles Stephen
Charles Stephen
Excellent professional service - prompt, uncomplicated, efficient
scott muir
scott muir
I can’t recommend Mark and Katy enough. My whisky casks were sold for more than I expected. This was done with minimum fuss. Their communication was great and I shall be using them again.
Can you tell me the hallmark for this medal
Tom Hatherley
Tom Hatherley
Matt Tweats at Mark Littler has been super helpful and gone above and beyond to help me sell my whisky collection. Thank you very much
Charles Leigh
Charles Leigh
It was a pleasure to deal with Mark and his team in the sale of my whisky cask. Excellent customer service, communication, professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.Overall, I would have no hesitation in endorsing Mark Littler Ltd in achieving the best price if you are looking to sell your cask.
I wanted to sell a couple of whisky casks and used Mark Littler Ltd as my whisky broker. Apparently it is a slow process but Mark Littler managed to push the sale through quickly and at a good price. I have no hesitation in leaving this 5* review for the company.
Mark and his team could not have been more helpful, both at the stage of valuing the contents of Dad's house for probate, and at the stage of selling some of it. A difficult task made easier with care and expertise. Thank you so much.
Estelle Hawkins
Estelle Hawkins
Very easy to use service and super friendly staff - thank you for making this sale a breeze. Look forward to doing business with you again.
Peter Bird
Peter Bird
I extend my sincere thanks to Mark Littler & colleague Hannah Thompson for the very speedy way they handled sale of my Lowry signed printed.I have owned the print for 50 years : it needed a small amount of restoration which was beautifully done & enabled Mark & Hannah to achieve a considerably higher sell priceA 5 star review warrants the way Mark & associates handled my sale.Thank you for taking a real interest in my print.
Excellent, prompt and trustworthy service. Highly recommended company.
Garry Taylor
Garry Taylor
I was very happy with the service Mark provided in selling my cask, he got the target price that was agreed at the outset.
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones
gave great advice and helped me through every step which was greatly appreciated for a first time seller.
Mick Judd
Mick Judd
So professional,easy and relaxed attitude.Communication excellent.Wouldn't go anywhere else, and certainly do business with the company again.I'm not in the whisky business, just love drinking it ,but treated equally as any other company or trader. .Superb!!!!
Thomas Nilsson
Thomas Nilsson
Great service from beginning to end when we wanted to sell our Ben Nevis cask.Buyer was found very quick and the transaction went smooth.We also got to keep six sample bottles which we finally got delivered, after some issues with swedish Customs (again great support from Hannah at ML).Thanks for everything!
Rena Zimmerman
Rena Zimmerman
I had several casks of Scotch for many years and wanted to sell them. I'm in the US and was completely unaware as to how to do so. I cannot recommend Mark Littler LTD highly enough. Mark walked me through the steps of the process of selling from start to finish and it was flawless. Communication was excellent. My casks were sold quickly and for a very fair price.
Mark Daniel
Mark Daniel
I must say the whole experience from start to finish was quite exceptional . Pricing , communication , simplicity , the whole process was faultless , well worth the 5 star review would not hesitate to recommend and or use again .
Just exceptional people to deal with throughout.
Gary Bowness
Gary Bowness
I’ve waited a while to write a review but after 9 months of buying a cask of whiskey through mark littler ltd must say very happy how everything was explained and discussed mainly with HannahOnce we decided to go with mark littlerEverything was done extremely professional and quite quick always informed what was going onNow, very excited to let our cask mature over many years and hopefully both parties can earn a little bit of profit in the future thanks
David Verebelyi
David Verebelyi
Great group to work with, highest integrity. We had an issue with an item that was likely nicked by someone at the receiving department. This issue was covered immediately with no headache on the buyer's end. I have been collecting for over 15 years. Trust and integrity can be difficult to find online but this organization shows both. Both Mark and Katy are great to work with, I could not recommend them more.
Fredrik Olsson
Fredrik Olsson
Helped with selling of my Bruichladdich whisky cask.Excellent services from first contact to payment.Good information and updates along the way.
Jonathan C
Jonathan C
A brilliant company to do business with. Very detailed and informative valuation of my whiskey and made the whole process very smooth. Was kept informed throughout the process and payment was made quickly. Highly recommend and will use again!
Doug Webster
Doug Webster
Best in the business what can I say...! Been watching following guidance but during a difficult period sorted a much needed sale.Back them 8 symbol of infinity folks.
Linda Wright
Linda Wright
Excellent. Very helpful throughout, kept me informed during the process. Would not hesitate to recommend to anybody.
bill packer
bill packer
Such an easy process, even sent the packaging to send bottle, smooth transaction , will use again
Chris Tudor
Chris Tudor
Mark secured the best price for our Lowry Print. Thank you
Peter Corns
Peter Corns
Great service from staff. very helpful and expert advice.
Dave Wiltshire
Dave Wiltshire
Very pleased with the service. Hard to find among companies nowadays. Kept in touch with me at every step. I highly recommend them.
In 1991 I purchased a number edition bottle of Midleton Very Rare whiskey in a box with the certification endorsed by the Master Distiller Barry Crockett whilst visiting Whiskey Corner in Dublin.It was stored in a cupboard until March 2013 when my wife suggested that we had it valued.Having searched on line for a whisky broker two options were presented by the internet one in Dublin and one in Congleton Cheshire. Mark Littler Independent Whisky Broker. From the first contact by phone with their staff members relating to my initial enquiry and the subsequent process of selling the bottle of whiskey they all dealt with the matter with very professionally and kept us fully informed at every stage of the process to achieve finding a buyer in their Online Shop.We personally delivered the Midleton Whiskey to their premises in Congleton in late March 2023 where Beth welcomed us to the very secure and tempreature controlled suite of offices where we met all the members of staff who would be dealing with our sale.My wife and I were handed a very detailed and simple contract of sale which Beth gave us time to read through and explained all the process of how the sale would be conducted by Mark Littler Ltd, and an initial offer price was agreed to commence the sale.In July Beth contacted us to suggest that we include our bottle in a video that was being produced to promote their whisky shop and items available for sale. The video was very professionally made and explained in detail each of the bottles on offer to prospective buyers.The sale of our bottle of Midleton Whiskey was completed in September at the price we had hoped to achieve when it was independently valued.During the whole [process of our dealings with Beth and Katy we kept up to date on the sale process, and the agreed sum of money achieved arrived in our bank account as promised.As valued customers we would fully endorse and recommend Mark Littler Ltd as a trustworthy company to sell your valuable times through either in their shop or at auction.Mr Lawrence and Mrs Par Burrell.Shepperton. Middlesex,
Adam Dziacky
Adam Dziacky
I really enjoy all the content, however when I contacted the company in order to sell my bottles, no one responded despite my 3 attempts over several weeks (email, website, Whatsapp link wasn't working).After submitting 2 star review Mark reached out within an hour and provided the valuation for the bottles along with advice. He explained that my email ended in spam which was valid reason for the delay so I edited my review to 5 stars which they deserve.
Nick Hayes
Nick Hayes
After 20 years I'm a bit maudlin at seeing my madeira butt go but the process was made easier by recruiting Mark Littler to assist.Communications with Mark and his team are quick and simple. What Mark says, he does, with openess and integrity which in these times of charlatanism is a relief to come across. His counsel and advice held water and helped me realise one of my ambitions.I contacted Mark after hearing him speak on the BBC's 'The Food Programme'. My thoughts were that if the BBC's production team had vetted him and found all wholesome then he would be good enough for me. As a result, I can reccomend Mark wholeheartedly. I will be going back to Mark in 5 years time when those casks I bought for our children will need to be sold to help them onto their respective property ladders.Many thanks Mark and team.
From start to finish the team have been professional and easy to deal with. Don't hesitate to use them. Already recommended to friends and will be using again when the opportunity arises.
Would highly recommend, very professional service from start to finish, fast and efficient, thank you Mark.
bill cabin
bill cabin
Excellent app
Simone A
Simone A
Recently used Mark Littler’s services and what a positive experience. Great communication and easy to deal with. Very professional and efficient process. Thank you!
bruce Liddell
bruce Liddell
Five star service from all the team. I would highly recommend Mark Littler. The team were highly efficient and extremely helpful.
Sarah Herring
Sarah Herring
We used Mark and his team to sell a Lowry print. A big thank-you to Hannah for all your help. The service provided was excellent from first contact to sale. Mark's site is brilliant and provided us with lots of really useful information. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mark and his team. It really was a first class service.
Rory Houston
Rory Houston
We heard about Mark on radio 4, his company provided a first class service getting us a price high above what other brokers could find, he did this through his extensive and exclusive global customer base. Excellent service, trusted and would recommend highly.
Susan Groat
Susan Groat
Very friendly, professional and efficient service.
Robert Hamilton
Robert Hamilton
Mark provided an excellent service when I wanted to sell a large portion of my whisky collection.He provided a professional service, gave me sound advice and communicated on a regular basis during the marketing and selling process.I would highly recommend him and would use Mark again as he is hugely knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.
Philip Mather
Philip Mather
After my cask reached 10 years old I asked the distillery for a buy back price, which I thought was very low. Apparently they have no outlet for them. So deciding to sell privately I found Mark and contacted him based on previous reviews. I was not disappointed, he handled the sale from start to finish and sold my cask for 4x what the distillery had offered. When my next one comes of age Mark will be my first port of call.
Bill Outram
Bill Outram
Mark Littler gave me sound advice regarding my rare bottle of Whiskey and we achieved the asking price within the time frame.Highly recommended
David Sibley
David Sibley
I highly recommend Mark Littler . They sold my pocket watch for me and the transaction was so easy and superb customer service. I will definitely be a returning customer.
Stephen L.
Marks and Beth were superb during the sale of my whisky bottle. The communication was brilliant and their knowledge is also invaluable. Would 100%... recommend using mark little Ltd. Will be in touch again in the future. Thank you both again for your more
Colin C.
Mark’s website is very easy to use. We found him informative, helpful and friendly. Selling was easy because of Mark and his staff. Would definitely... recommendread more
Denis B.
With the daunting task of selling a 17-year old barrel of Bruichladdich Whisky, I turned to Mark Littler in Oct '21. He and his team professionally... led me through the process to successfully achieving a good sale and subsequent payment of proceeds - from another part of the world. I highly recommend Mark Littler and their whisky services! David Brandjesread more
Jean H.
Absolutely fantastic service , dropped 4 bottles down to the shop , within 4 weeks two had been sold and the money in our account , no mither... whatsoever , we will certainly be selling through Mark with our remaining collectionread more
Sara M.
Very, very pleased with the company’s service selling my silverware. I had looked into selling it at auction but the suggested price and fees put me... off. It was so easy and very professional dealing with Mark Littler and I believe they got a very good price for me. Thoroughly recommend. Thank you, Hannah, for your more
Annie R.
Exceptional & efficient service.
I highly recommend Mark Littler, who is extremely knowledgeable and went out of his way to help me sell some... more
Dougie W.
They were very professional at every stage of the process and I would recommend them to anyone. I don't often give a five star marking but with Mark... I would, and I would certainly use them more
Roger C.
I used Mark when I had a picture for sale, Mark was very efficient and professional. i would recommend him very highly and would not hesitate to use... him more
Ruth R.
When we were unsure about how to go about selling part of our whisky collection, we looked online and found that Mark had some very good... reviews.

Well having now completed the process, I can say that Mark and his whole team are absolutely excellent. We were guided through different ways to sell different bottles. Help with packaging and transport is provided, and advice on bottle values was good.

They have now all been sold, and at very pleasing prices.

Highly recommended!
read more
Dave E.
It’s great when you’re in unfamiliar territory, hoping to sell a cask of whisky, and there’s someone out there who leads you through the process in a... thoroughly professional way. Mark kept me informed throughout and successfully completed the deal. I’d recommend him to anyone wishing to more
Tony W.
We were looking to sell a cask of Bruichladdich which we had owned for 10 years, having read excellent 5 star reviews & watched a couple of YouTube... videos, we decided to contact Mark. From the outset Mark was friendly & professional, offering great advice which allowed us to make an informed decision, at all times Mark communicated clearly & answered any questions promptly. Mark achieved a great price for our cask, I would not hesitate to use his company again so I’m very happy to recommend him with a 5/5 more
Stephanie W.
I bought my husband a hogshead of Bowmore for his 30th birthday. We’ve been happily paying warehouse rental for 25 years and decided we needed to... look into next steps. The warehouse wasn’t very helpful so we started to look on the internet for a whisky broker. There appeared to be a lot of choice but Marks credentials and website information stood out from the crowd. He immediately set us at ease and so we looked no further. We have enjoyed our interactions and have felt from the start that Mark had our best interests at heart with his professional approach, transparency and personal touch. He has kept us informed along the journey which has been an exciting one. As part of the service Mark facilitated the gauging, sampling and selling of the barrel and also coordinated for us to receive a few bottles of this amber nectar for our own consumption. To top it off he achieved a fabulous price. We would recommend Mark to anyone who is lucky enough to have whisky to sell. Many thanks for your service Mark!read more
Lorna H.
I highly recommend Mark Littler if you are looking for a trusted & reputable antiques consultant.
He completed a sale for me with his... professionalism & personal service & I will happily use him again. Thank you Mark & staff., for a five star service. Lorna Hickmanread more
John E.
I approached Mark Littler about selling my bottle of whisky. I delivered the bottle to their office and was very impressed with their setup. A price... was agreed and the contract was signed. It took about 4 months but a buyer was found and I was kept informed of how the sale was progressing, then on Christmas Eve I received an email saying the sale had been completed and the money was in my account.
I highly recommend Mark Littler if you have any unusual bottles to sell, they are the people to sell it for you.
read more
Sue O.
Having recently dealt with Mark Littler I cannot recommend his business highly enough.

Friendly professional service... throughout.

Excellent company.
read more
Lee C.
I recently approached Mark Littler Ltd to value and sell a number of bottles of Whisky left to me by my late father.
Account Manager Hannah... Thompson completed the transaction faultlessly throughout. She was quick to establish which were the highly collectable bottles and which I would just have to enjoy drinking. I had a very good idea which bottles would fetch the best price and Hannah confirmed that for me. After putting the bottles to their database of clients, I soon had a best offer which stacked up against other vendors. On accepting the offer a courier delivered all the packing boxes the following day and we dropped everything packed to the post office. Hannah confirmed receipt and a couple of days later Mark called to confirm that he had just sent the proceeds to me - All very painless!
Many companies make a lot of promises these days but never quite deliver - Mark Littler is very much the exception!
read more
Working with Mark Littler was awesome. I‘m in the US and he walked me through every step of selling my cask of scotch whiskey in Scotland, and even... went out of his way to deliver a letter in person to the distillery since I couldn’t get ahold of them due to Covid. He made the whole process so simple for me. I would recommend him In a more
Matthew R.
Mark sold my 28 bottles of macallan 18 year old! I ended up on TV and radio due to the media campaign he ran and ended up selling all bottles and got... a very good price for it!

Knowledgeable guy and easy to talk to! Will guide you through every step.

Highly recommend
read more
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A Successful Sale

In 2020, we made headlines, both nationally and internationally, when we sold a vertical of Macallan 18 Year Olds for one of our clients. 

Pete Robson bought a bottle of Macallan 18 year old every year since 1992, as a birthday present for his son, Matthew. The collection consisted of 28 bottles by the time Matthew decided to sell the collection using our services. 

We sold the collection to a private buyer in Asia for £44,000. Matthew planned to use the money to put down a deposit on a house. 

As such, a yearly birthday present from father to son turned out to be a brilliant investment that will now help Matthew put a foot on the property ladder. We were honoured to be able to sell the collection on behalf of Matthew and Pete. You can read the BBC article detailing the story here.

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