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The Ultimate Guide To Selling Omar Ramsden

Pieces of Omar Ramsden Silver are highly collectable. If you have a piece of Omar Ramsden Silver and would like to find out more about the silversmith please read our guide to Ramsden’s history at the end of this page. You will also find a guide for the 6 things to look for on your Omar Ramsden silver and a guide to the hallmarks used by Ramsden. 

Omar Ramsden was a renowned British silversmith who became famous for his unique and intricate designs. Born in Sheffield, England in 1873, Ramsden initially trained as an architect before turning to silver work. His pieces quickly gained popularity among the elite and were acquired by notable figures such as King George V and Queen Mary.

In addition to his distinctive style, Ramsden also incorporated elements of traditional British craftsmanship into his work. He often used Celtic motifs and symbols in his designs, which reflected his fascination with ancient art and

Battle Abbey silver

What Is Your Silver Worth?

How To Sell: Auction or Private Sale?

Mark Littler Ltd. are one of the only independent advisers in the antique industry. We offer trusted, independent advice to help you sell your silver for the highest possible price.

Selling at an auction might provide your silver with greater exposure. However, with a combined average of 45% in gross buyers’ and sellers’ fees, this approach might prove to be a false economy.

Conversely, finding a private buyer for your silver through our services could net you 33% more than if you sold it via auction, as our fees are only 12%.

What We Do For You

Simply fill in your contact details below and you will get an automatic referral to a leading silver auction expert who will give you an auction estimate and advise on how to sell with them.  We will also see if we are able to get any offer from our private clients. 

If we get any offers we will send these within 7 days.  All offers are without obligation and there are no fees to pay us if you decide to sell at auction.

Silver Valuation Tips

To get the most accurate valuation of your silver simply ensure you provide the following information:

  1. What condition is your silver in? Let us know if there are and dents or heavy scratches in the silver.
  2. How heavy is your item?  Please provide a measurement in grams if you can as this helps us determine the gauge of the silver.  For instance a silver teapot can weigh as much as 1,000g or as little as 250g.  Outwardly the design may look identical but the gauge of the silver is much heavier.  This is important as items made from a better gauge of silver were often made by better makers for the upper classes, and as such will have a big impact on the value.
  3. PROVENANCE! Who owned your item before you did?  Is there an interesting presentation inscription on your item that might shine light into it’s former life?

Important Note: this is a valuation service and not a hallmark identification service.  Please see this page to learn how to read your hallmarks.

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    What to look for in your piece of Omar Ramsden Silverware

    Omar Ramsden

    Commercial Forms

    Good commercial forms and unusual items are key to a high selling price. Some of the most commercial forms include wine coasters (pictured here), candelabra, claret jugs and centrepieces. There has been a shift in the market recently away from academic items towards more decorative and practical pieces that can be displayed easily.

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    Omar Ramsden produced a good number of mazers and they are one of his ‘signature’ pieces.  The term mazer derrives from the German word Masa (a spot), which referred to the birdseye maple that mazers were made from. The record price for a Ramsden mazer is over £100,000, but they commonly vary from £800 upwards.

    Omar Ramsden


    Omar Ramsden caskets are very commercial. The most sought after are those with enamel decoration; in 1997 a Ramsden casket sold for £40,000 at auction. The enamelling is often done by Jeanne Eteve, previously employed as Ramsden’s secretary. Alwynn Carr decorated in enamel in some early pieces. 

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    Omar Ramsden

    Ecclesiastical Silver

    Ramsden and Carr were both staunch Roman Catholics and many of their important commissions came from the Roman Catholic church. As a result there remain a large number of ecclesiastical items such as goblets, monstrance, chalices and patens. Any important commissions that appear at auction are highly sought-after.

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    As with any piece of silver, the marks on your piece of Omar Ramsden silver need to be in perfect condition to achieve the highest price. You could liken them to the engine in a car; a great body with a terrible engine is not going to be very commercial. More information about the Omar Ramsden silver marks can be found below.

    Omar Ramsden


    Omar Ramsden made a large number of spoons and by far the most sought after of his productions are caddy spoons. Typically Ramsden caddy spoons have a Celtic style knop set with cabochons, as shown here. Ramsden spoons range in price from £200 for a single Arts & Crafts spoon to £3,000 for a caddy spoon in perfect condition.

    Omar Ramsden Marks

    Here are the distinctive marks found on pieces of Omar Ramsden Silver

    Omar Ramsden

    Ramsden & Carr

    Hallmark used by Omar Ramsden & Alwyn Carr

    Mark registered in February 1898 and was last used in 1919

    Omar Ramsden

    Omar Ramsden

    Silver mark registered by Omar Ramsden

    In use from 1917-1938 (the year before Ramsden passed away).

    Omar Ramsden

    Omar Ramsden Me Fecit

    Found on most pieces of Ramsden silver

    Latin for ‘Omar Ramsden Made Me’

    A History of Omar Ramsden

    Omar Ramsden was born in 1873. His father was an electroplate and silver manufacturer in Sheffield. He apprenticed with a silversmith company, then attended classes at the Sheffield School of Art.

    In 1898, Omar Ramsden won a competition to design a Mace for the City of Sheffield. This artefact, made from hand-beaten silver, was an initial collaboration between Ramsden and Alwyn Carr, a fellow student at the Sheffield School of Art. Both also attended the Royal College of Art.

    Ramsden & Carr (1898-1919)

    Omar Ramsden and Alwyn Carr set up a studio in Chelsea in 1898, then moved their workshop to the town of Fulham soon afterwards. The workshop and studio were combined in one location at Seymour Place working in the Arts and Crafts tradition bringing a handmade ethic in a revolt of the machine made silver of the age. Other artisans helped them make items which borrowed from styles popular in the Renaissance and Gothic periods. The designs were enhanced with Celtic-style inscriptions which went on to become their signature style.

    While Alwyn Carr provided financial backing for the company, Omar Ramsden was known for promotion and public relations. Their collaboration was one of the most successful silversmithing partnerships in the 20th century.

    The end of Ramsden & Carr

    With the advent of World War I, Alwyn Carr enlisted and headed to war in 1915. The partnership of Ramsden and Carr ended in 1919 at the end of the war. Omar Ramsden kept the studio, and began engraving many pieces with OMAR RAMSDEN ME FECIT, which in Latin means ‘Omar Ramsden made me.’ In the 1930s, he employed as many as twenty assistants but never handled a piece all by himself.

    The Royal Miniature Society made him a member in 1921 and hosted Ramsden as an exhibitor of over 90 works.

    Omar Ramsden passed away in 1939. Annie Ramsden, his wife, kept the business in production for several years after he died. History has proven him as one of England’s leading silverware designers and producers; he is considered a British silversmithing master and his works are highly collectable.