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Stop Speculating and Start Investing

Informed, rational, and data driven investment

At Mark Littler Ltd, we are committed to investment education and providing the tools needed to make successful, long term investments in the whisky market. Interest in whisky as an alternative investment has never been more fervent but it can be hard to know which bottles are worth your money. Our Bottle Investment Reports are designed to help you analyse your investment opportunities and understand the context surrounding individual bottles. This enables you make rational choices with your money to ensure the best possible returns.

Your Next Investment Starts Here

Our Bottle Investment Reports are a narrow, detailed analysis of individual bottles. Each report will focus on one bottle and study the history, performance, trends and projections. This results in an all-encompassing study providing not only the context but the objective data for each bottle. Starting with the Macallan Private Eye, these reports will analyse some of the most speculated about bottles on the whisky market and present concrete data on which to assess the validity of a long term investment.   

Macallan Private Eye

The Macallan Private Eye has become one of the most famous bottlings of Macallan and it is incredibly sought after on the secondary market. This is a no-age statement bottling drawn from a single cask and bottled to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Private Eye magazine. Despite not being a conventional bottle to succeed as a long term investment, the Private Eye has taken the market by storm and has a varied and complex history.

Macallan Archival Series

The Macallan Archival Series, currently consisting of Folios 1-6, is an ongoing 24 part bottle series. The series consists of no age statement whisky each at 43% ABV. Each bottle commemorates the original print and TV adverts in the earlier days of the Macallan distillery from the first newspaper advert to a strathspey written especially for Macallan. The series experienced a huge, and somewhat inexplicable, boom in 2018 and now experiences a variety of secondary market results.  


Coming Soon

We are committed to creating a large collection of Bottle Investment Reports to cover a large array of bottles suited to all investors. We have many more planned for future releases so watch this space for reports on bottles you are looking to invest in. The next Bottle Report is a study of the highly sought after Macallan Gran Reserva and there will be plenty more from many distilleries after that!