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Thank You For Your Message

Thank you for getting in touch about purchasing a cask.

As one of the few brokers selling casks with full ownership via a delivery order (what is a delivery order?) we are exceptionally busy. Our waiting list is now looking at over 12 months and as such we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily close the waiting list.

We will review the waiting list in September 2023 and if we believe it is appropriate we will reopen it then.

In the meantime if you have general questions about cask ownership we have a lot of information available on the website:, and also across on our YouTube channel: 

Thank you again for getting in touch and we hope that we can be of assistance in the future.

If you have a question about a cask or casks that you purchased through another broker then we will do our best to respond, but please be aware this may take a few days.

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Why do you even have a waiting list?

A lot of people ask us why we have a waiting list when other companies selling casks don’t. People also want to know if there is a shortage of casks.

There is no shortage of casks on the market. However we take our time sourcing small allocations of casks that we believe offer a good opportunity and which are available at the right price. These take time to source, time which we believe makes a better investment for you. We also take our time with our customers when you get to the top of the list, giving plenty of opportunity to consider the options and ask questions. By taking our time we aim to provide the best service possible.