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At Mark Littler Ltd. we offer honest and impartial advice to help you buy quality casks of Aberfeldy whisky at a fair price.

Buy with confidence from a broker with more than 500 five-star reviews from customers just like you.

Buy an Aberfeldy whisky cask

Are you looking to buy a cask of Aberfeldy whisky? We are specialist brokers with hundreds of five-star reviews and a proven track record of helping and educating people to ensure they make the right decision when they come to buy a cask of Aberfeldy.

By choosing to purchase a cask through Mark Littler you gain access to the whole cask market rather than just our own inventory. That means when you come to sell your cask you will not be selling the same product as everyone else (as is the case when people buy from distillery investment schemes), meaning your cask will command a premium.

If you think that a cask or casks from Aberfeldy distillery is the right choice for you then we can help you find you the cask that meets your needs. Alternatively, if you are open to suggestions then we can also discuss other potential matches for your cask investment needs.  

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How Mark Littler Can Help You

Let’s assume you have read our cask guide and watched all of our cask investment videos.  If not, follow the links and put yourself in an informed position before you buy.

If you think that casks are a good investment for you then we can now help you find you the perfect cask for your needs. 

Here is what we do in a nutshell:

Fact finding & cask selection

Mr Smith comes to us to find three casks, one for each of his three grandchildren.  We find him casks a selection of casks from Bruichladdich, Ben Nevis, Caol Ila, Bowmore, Ardbeg, Springbank, Highland Park and Arran to meet his budget and needs.  His casks are then moved to our exclusive HMRC Bonded Warehouse.

Making the most of your investment

Mr Smith visits his casks every 2-3 years on his way up to Scotland.  He contacts us every Christmas to have 6 bottles drawn from each of his casks.

We have the bottles applied with bespoke labels and he enjoys how the whisky inside his casks is maturing and developing.

Return on investment

When his grandchildren reach 21 they decide to sell their casks.  Mark Littler LTD. help them draw a final six bottles from the cask as a keepsake.  The casks are then sold in bond and the three grandchildren each use the proceeds from the sales towards a house deposit.  Best of all their profits are free from Capital Gains Tax.

How We Evolved As A Broker

We don’t only sell casks to people. In fact, our primary business is selling bottles and casks for people. We are established antiques brokers and have sold everything from medieval gold rings to classic cars.

So how did we get to a position where we were selling casks to the public? Learn more in this short video:

Advice You Can Trust

Since 2016 our aim has been simple – to provide a trustworthy source of information to help people make sound decisions when they are selling their items. To date we have sold millions of pounds worth of antiques and whisky (both casks and bottles) for our clients. 

We’re now applying this same logic to help people invest in casks of whisky.  Rather than providing sales pitches disguised as educational material, it’s our mission to become the ultimate source of open and honest cask investment guidance.

The information you will find in OUR GUIDE, CASK VIDEOS, BLOG and CALCULATOR is all designed to help you make a balanced decision.  We would rather you knew all the facts and didn’t buy a cask than buy one based on ‘fake news’.


The History Of The Aberfeldy Distillery

Originally established in 1896 by John Dewar & Sons Ltd, the Aberfeldy Distillery was opened in 1898. Located on Aberfeldy’s eastern outskirts, the distillery is on the upper Tay’s southern bank. The water source used by the Aberfeldy distillery is the Pitilie Burn that runs close to the distillery. It is the only Scottish distillery to use this water source.

Typical of most of the 19th-century blending firms, John Dewar and Sons was an operation run by a man of humble origins who had become a wine merchant and then moved into blending whisky. Although the distillery was founded by John Dewar himself, it was his sons Thomas and John Junior who took the family firm to global recognition.

The site chosen for the distillery was only 2 miles from the birthplace of John Dewar senior, and and had once been a brewery, with some distillation having taken place during the early part of the 19th century. A private railway linked the distillery with the operational hub of the firm in Perth.

In 1925 Dewars became part of DCL and during the First World War the distillery temporarily closed its doors since barley was in demand as a foodstuff. For similar reasons, a second closure took place during the Second World War as barley supplies were cut however supply to markets was maintained by reducing the laid-up period of the whisky to 3 years from 7.

The distillery was extended in 1972 with the old stills being replaced with four brand new stills that were steam heated. In 1998 the ownership changed hands once more when Diageo, which had recently been formed, was forced by the UK Monopolies Board to offload a brand. Bacardi Martini purchased the Dewar’s estate together with ll of its blends for a million pounds.

A 12-year-old single malt was introduced in 1999 and in the following year Dewars World of Whisky was opened by the Earl of Elgin at the Aberfeldy Distillery. This centre markets the products as well as teaching the general public about the distillation process and the Dewar brand history. Aberfeldy remains the major malt whisky component used in Dewar’s Blending Whisky.

Today, the Aberfeldy distillery is still in operation and features two 16,500 litre wash stills and two 15,000 litre capacity spirit stills. These capacities set the distillery right in the middle of the pot still size range. Most recently, although Aberfeldy is primarily used in blends, a small amount has been sold as a single malt. 2014 saw a repackaging campaign and there are plans for a brand new 5 strong permanent range to be launched.

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